Dasara/Navarathri-September 19th to 28th 2009

Dasara is celebrated all over India as a religious as well as a social festival. Nava means nine and rathri means night and so Navarathri means nine nights. Some call it as Navarathri, some as Vijaya Dashami, and some as Dussehra. Doesn’t matter what you call, does it? Even though all the 10 days and nine nights are important, there are 3 major days where pooja is done with great devotion and pomp.

This year Dasara is celebrated from September 19th-28th 2009.

Those days are as follows:

1.Durgasthami – September 26th 2009. You can read last years post about this day here.

2. – Saraswathi Pooja – Ayodha Pooja – September 27th 2009 You can read last years post about this day here.

3. Vijaya Dashami – September 28th 2009 Read last years post here.

Devotional Songs for Dasara:

1. Srinivasa Bhajane

2. Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatha

3. Sri Venkateshwara Stotra

4. Sri Venkateshwara Prapathi

5. Sri Venkateshwara Mangalam

6. Venkata Ramanane Baro

7. Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtakam

8. Sri Saraswathi Slokas

P.S: I will also be posting many more Slokas and other useful information. Stay tuned.

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