Update: Mahalaya Paksha Masa

UPDATE: Tarpana Services at SBAT Temple.
We visited the SBAT Temple today morning to perform the services for my in-laws. Shri. Balakrishna Bhat from Vidyapeetha who is one of the main priests helped us perform the services.
For anyone in the DC area interested in performing the same, attached below are detailed services offered by the temple.

Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple (SBAT) works with a primary idea of propagating the highest values of Sanaathana Dharma and providing the Hindu community an opportunity to lead a spiritual life and perform the various activities as described in the Vedas.

 One such important activity is performing pitru-tharpanam (offering oblations to the ancestors) during Mahalaya Paksham to please our ancestors, thank them for their contribution in our lives, seek their blessings and pray for peace and prosperity in all walks of our lives.

 The legendary significance behind Mahalaya Paksham can be found in the Mahabharata. Karna, the renowned benevolent hero of the Mahabharata was well known for his charity.   When Karna departs from his mortal body to ascend to the higher worlds, he receives a hundred fold of gold, silver and other riches in return for his great generosity and charity…but only gold and silver without any food.   When Karna prays to the God of Death (Yamadharma), the God of Death tells him that donating / providing  food (Anna dhaanam) is the highest form of charity and that he needs to go down to the earth for a fortnight to make up for what he had not included as part of his charity.

 Karna descends back to the earth and for fourteen days he feeds Brahmins and the poor, offering oblations of water (tharpanam).  Upon his return to the higher worlds, he is given plenty of food.  This fortnight Karna spent on earth is called Mahalaya paksham or Pitru-paksham. By the Grace of The God of Death, it is ordained that offerings of food during this period will benefit all the departed souls irrespective of their connection to us.

 Such is the importance of pitru-karma and we at SBAT are doing our little bit to help and provide an opportunity to all our devotees to take part in this religious activity.   SBAT requests all devotees to avail this opportunity to perform tharpanam and seek the blessings of the ancestors for a healthy, happy and prosperous life ahead.

 Devotees can individually employ the services of the priest to perform the pitru-tharpanam in the convenience of their home, or perform this as the temple.  Devotees that take part in this activity at the temple will be given Maha prasadams (breakfast or light refreshments) after completing their tarpanam.

 Please visit our website or call us for more details about employing our services in this regard.

10747 Fingerboard Road
Ijamsville, MD 21754

For more details please contact priests at

Sridharan Vadyar – 301-379-8849

Balakrishna Bhat – 240-274-1422

Venkatesh Vadyar – 301-379-4810

Pandit Thyagu Sastri – 301-257-4126

Ganesan Grukkal – 240-602-8030

Below are some pictures of the Idols they have at the temple. A bigger temple is being constructed.


sbat-2  sbat-4

The fortnight (15 days) preceding the Navaratri/Dasara or the second half “Krishna Paksha” of Bhadrapada Masa is called Pitru Paksha also known as Mahalaya Paksha. This period is important for honoring our ancestors. Men, whose fathers have passed away, offer their obeiscence (shraddha) to their ancestors during this period. This year it falls on the following days in the United States and India.
Pitru Paksha – Mahalaya Paksha in India : September 20th – October 5th 2013
Pitru Paksha – Mahalaya Paksha in United States : September 19th – October 4th 2013.
There are many resources available online to assist in giving tarpana and doing shradha for the departed souls of ones family. Attached below are all the links.
If you have any resource, please share.

Our own Sree Shiva Vishnu Temple is performing the same and a donation of $95 is charged and includes dakshina for the priest as well.

P.S: Please refer to dates in your country, and check with elders or temple priests.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Graghavendra,hyderabad on September 19, 2013 at 3:02 am

    it is very good information about the pithru pksha thanku !! hare srinivasa!!


  2. Posted by Gopinatharao.m on September 22, 2013 at 6:33 am

    Still I have doubt. I thinh it is son who has to do even sakalpa.will you kindly clarify.
    Hare Srinivasa.


  3. Posted by sreenivas on September 24, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    Very good informtion about pitrupaksha & Mahalayaamavasa.


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