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Authentic Madhwa Recipes

Today being Thanksgiving holiday, and of course Tulasi Habba, I decided to do something new. I also had to be a bit choosy on what I prepare since it was also Thursday, and Tulasi Pooje. So, it was No Onion, No Garlic, No Carrot, and No Tomato either.

I looked for one of my oldest diaries I used as a teenager. This diary has traveled with me all the way from India to Dubai, UAE to Maryland, USA. Amazing isn’t it? I had collected recipes from all sources and all people, even from my Mysore Ajji, who is 90 years old now. Just going through the diary brought back so many good memories.

I couldn’t wait and took a picture of the diary. So here is the picture of my diary.

My Diary

From the diary which had many many recipes, I choose Sweet Pongal, Khara Pongal, Gojju and Cucumber Kosambari. I will post the recipes for these and all the other recipes I have soon.

Pongal’s and Gojju

Cucumber Kosambari

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