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Shri Mahalakshmi Ashtakam


I have been using a free software called Baraha to write Kannada in English and using the normal keyboard. Within just a few minutes after you download the software you are ready to start using the program. It’s so easy. I use this software to write emails to my Mother-in-law in Bangalore.

I am also using this to write all the lyrics I am adding in my web log as well. This software isn’t just for Kannada, you can also write Devanagari, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati and many other languages. I have tested my lyrics with Kannada & Devanagari. Copy all the lyrics from this weblog and paste it in the bottom half of the software, and click on the Convert toolbar button. Its really fun and easy. If you are having any problems using this software, just reply to this thread. I will help you. 🙂

Here is a screen shot of Shri Mahalakshmi Ashtakam lyrics written in Baraha:

Baraha Software at work

And here it is in Devanagari script:

Lyrics in Devanagiri

This simple prayer is very ancient and has been chanted by generations for solving all their problems. This is one of the most popular Lakshmi stotras.

namastEstu mahAmAye shrIpIThe surapUjite
shaMkhacakra gadAhaste mahAlakShmi namostu te

namaste garuDA rUDhe kolAsura bhayankari
sarvapApa hare dEvi mahAlakShmi namostu te

sarvajne sarva varade sarva duShTabhayakari
sarvaduHkha hare dEvi mahAlakShmi namostu te

siddhi buddhi prade dEvi bhukti mukti pradAyini
mantramUrte sadA dEvi mahAlakShmi namostu te

Adyantarahite dEvi Adishakti maheshvari
yogajne yoga sambhUte mahAlakShmi namostu te

sthUla sUkShma mahAraudre mahAshakti mahodare
mahApApahare dEvi mahAlakShmi namostu te

padmAsana sthite dEvi para brahma svarUpiNi
parameshi jaganmAtaH mahAlakShmi namostu te

shvetAmbaradhare dEvi nAnAlaNkAra bhUShite
jagatsthite jaganmAtaH mahAlakShmi namostu te

mahAlakShmyaShTakaM stotraM yaH paThed bhakti mAnnaraH
sarva siddhi mavApnoti rAjyaM prApnoti sarvadA

ekakAle paThEnnityaM mahApApa vinAshanam
dvikAlaM yaH paThEnnityaM dhanadhAnya samanvitaH

trikAlaM yaH paThEnnityaM mahAshatru vinAshanam
mahAlakShmIr bhavEnnityaM prasannA varadA shubhA

iti shrI mahalakshmyashtakam saMpUrNam

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