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Quick and Easy Jhunka

When we were in Bijapur, I used to prepare Junka when my Mom used to be tired of cooking and had no vegetables at home to prepare anything else. Believe me, we used to stay in Sainik School Campus, and we couldn’t even get green chillies if it was over. We were so far away from the city, that it was impossible during the week for my Dad to get them also. So, this was what I used to prepare after I learnt it from one of my close friend. My Dad never liked it, but it was my Mom’s favorite. So, here comes the recipe for Junka.


  1. 1/2 cup Besan Flour or Kadale hittu
  2. 3-4 green chillies finely chopped
  3. 4-5 curry leaves washed and chopped
  4. coriander leaves, finely chopped
  5. Oil, 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp turmeric or haldi, pinch of hing all for seasoning.


Mix the besan flour with water and beat until its smooth; just like the batter you prepare for making pakoda or bonda.

In a pan, heat the oil and all the ingredients mentioned in 5 above. Add the green chillies as well as curry leaves. Fry for a few minutes.

Next, add the besan mixture and stir for 7-8 minutes. The Jhunka will now become thick.

Add finely chopped cilantro and serve with Rice or Jolada Rotti. Enjoy.

P.S: The camera isn’t working, so no picture this time.

Deva Banda Namma Lyrics

This song sung by Dr.Bheemsen Joshi is my all time favorite.

dEva banda namma
swaami bandanO
dEvara dEva
shikaamaNi bandanO

uraga shayana banda
garuda gamana banda
nara golidava banda
naaraayaNa banda |1|

mandarodhara banda
garuda gamana banda
brindavana pathi
govinda bandanO |2|

nakraharanu banda
chakradharanu banda
tivikrama bandanO |3|

pakshivaahana banda
lakshmanagraja banda
akshaya phala da
Sree lakshmiRamana bandaO |4|

nigama gochara banda
nitya truptanu banda
nagemukha purandara
viThala bandanO |5|

Deva Bandha Namma

You can listen to the song here

P.S: If you have the link for Dr.Bheemsen Joshi’s song, please let me know. I will add it here as well.

Lyrics for Ashtotra for all Gods

The web site has the Ashtotra for all the Gods. You can click on the link, and you will be able to download a Word Document containing the Ashtotra in English.

Here is a link for the page which has all the Ashtotra’s.

P.S: I think the web site is down.

I found out after looking at my blog history, that most of you were still trying to get the lyrics for the Ashtotra’s for all gods. I searched a lot, and found another link just in my neighborhood. 🙂

Here is the link from the Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple in Maryland, the one close to my house.


Thoogire Rayara Lyrics

As requested by Seetha, here comes the lyrics for the famous song which is being sung every single Thursday evening in every Rayara Matta all over the world.

tUgire rAyara tUgire gurugaLa
tUgire yathikula thilakara
tUgire yogeendra karakamala poojayara
tUgire guru Raghavendrara ||

ku0dana mayavada chaMdada tOTiladolu
naMdadi malagyara tUgire
naMdanakaMda govinda mukundana
nandadi Bhajipara tUgire ||1||

yauganidreyanu bEgane mADuva
Yoghisha Vandyara tUgire
Bhogishayanana pada yogadi Bhajipara
Bhagavatharana tUgire ||2||

nEmadi tananu kamipajanarige
kamita koDuvavara tUgire
premadi nijajanara aamayavanukoola
dhoomaketuvenipara tUgire ||3||

Advaitha mathada vidvashana nijaguru
madhwamathodharana tUgire
siddha sankalpadi baddha nijabhaktara
uddharamalpara tUgire ||4||

Bhajaka janaru bhava trujana maDisi avara
nijjagathiippara tUgire
nijaguru jaganathaVittalana padakanja
Bhajaneya malpara tUgire ||5||

I couldn’t fit the screen shots in one image. So, here comes the lyrics in Kannada.

Thoogire Rayara Part 1
Thoogire Rayara Part 2

To listen to this song sung by m click the link below:

Dal me Dill or Dill Thove

Dill which is also called as Sabsige Soppu in B’lore, Pundi Palya in Bijapur is my all time favorite. Dill is a very good source of calcium, and a good source of the minerals manganese and iron. We make just 2 dishes out of Dill. One is to add it to Ambode as I mentioned in my Ambode recipe here, and the other one is to make Dal with Dill.

BTW, this recipe I did learn from Raghu( my husband). And he always cooks this dish. I just took the pictures, and of course I eat it.
Dal me Dill or Dill Thove


  • 1 cup Toor Dal
  • 1/2 bunch Dill washed and finely chopped
  • 1 tsp oil, 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp haldi, 2 red chillies for seasoning
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 tsp brown sugar or jaggery


Cook dal and dill with enough water in the pressure cooker. Usually for 3 whistles.

Next, in a pan heat oil. Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and red chillies. When the mustard seeds start spluttering, add the cooked dal and dill. Next add the haldi. Add salt to taste and also jaggery. Let it boil for another 5-6 minutes.

Serve with rice or chapathi. Enjoy.

Gojju Avalakki or Huli Avalakki

This tangy, sweet dish made of Poha and Tamarind is a favorite to anybody in Madhwa houses. My grandmother( Father’s Mom) who lived in B’Lore, (we used to call her Bangalore Ajji) used to make this in the evenings. She used to of course powder the Poha by hand. Thanks for all the wonderful gadgets we have now in the kitchen, we can coarsely grind the poha in minutes in our Food Processor. So, here comes Bangalore Ajji’s Gojju Avalakki recipe.


  1. 3 cups Thick poha coarsely ground ( See picture below)
  2. 4 tsp tamarind paste
  3. 8 tsp Brown sugar or Jaggery
  4. 3 tsp Rasam powder or sarina pudi
  5. 5 tsp Fresh or dry coconut
  6. 5 tsp Ground nuts
  7. 6-7 Coriander leaves
  8. 6 tsp oil, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp channa dal, 1 tsp urad dal, 1/2 tsp haldi, hing to taste for seasoning.
  9. Salt to taste.


Grind the poha in 3 batches in your blender. It should be like the Rava consistency. See picture below:

Coarsely Ground Poha

Next, in a large bowl, mix the tamarind paste, salt, rasam powder, jaggery. Add enough water (approximately 3 cups) and mix well. See picture below.

Tamarind and other ingredients

Next, mix the coarsely ground poha to this mixture and keep aside for an hour. The poha will soak up all the water. See picture below.

Tamarind mixture and poha

Finally, in a big pan add the oil. When the oil is hot enough, add mustard seeds, haldi, urad dal, channa dal, curry leaves, and also peanuts. Fry for a few minutes. Add coconut. Next add the poha and keep stirring for at least 10-15 minutes. Add salt. Add 2-3 tsp of water if it looks too try.

Serve with curds or yogurt. My Bangalore Ajji used to also fry Happala and Sandige along with Gojju Avalakki. Yummy.

Gojju Avalakki

Lyrics for Roga Harane Krupa Sagara Shri Guru

Thursday is very auspicious for any Rayara devotee. So, here comes an amazing piece of song.

Roga Harane Krupa Sagara Shri Guru
Raghavendra PariPaaleeso ||

Santhata Durmatha Dwanda Diwakara
Santhavinutha Matha Laleeso ||1||

Pavana Gathrasu Deva varane Thava
Sevaka Janarolagadeeso ||2||

Ghanna Mahima Jaganatha Vittala Priya
Ninna Aradhane Madeeso ||3||

Here are the lyrics in Kannada.

Roga Harane Krupa Sagara

Lyrics for Hanuma Namma Thayi Thande

Yet another song my Mom used to sing when we used to go to Hanuman or Anjaneya Temple.

Hanuma Namma Thayi Thande
Bheema Namma Bhandu Bhalaga
Ananda Thirthare Namma GathiGothravayya||

ThayiThande Hasulegagi SahayaMadi Sakuvanthe
Ayasavillade Sanjivanava Thande
Ghayagonda Kapigalanu Sayadanthe Poreda
Raghu Rayanangrigale Sakshi Threetayugadi||1||

Bandhubalagadanthe Aapadbandhavanagi Parthanige
bahdha bandha Durithagala Pariharisi
AndhakaJhathara Kondu NadaKandarpanendu
Govindanangrigale Sakshi Dwaparayugadi||2||

GathiGotraranthe Sadhuthathigalige Mathiya Thori
Mathigetta IpathaOndu(21) Mathava Khandisi
Gathigetta SadhVaishnavarige Sadgathiya Thorida Paramathama
Gathi PurandaraVittahalane Sakshi Kaliyugadalli||3||

And here are the lyrics in Kannada.

Hanuma Namma Thayi Thande

Lyrics for Yenu Dhanyalo Lakumi

My Mom does Lakshmi pooje every Friday in the evening. This song was my Mom’s favorite. I do sing this song myself every Friday, and so does my sister.

While browsing the web, I found an awesome website. To quote them “This Web site contains thumbnail sketches of different Haridasas, who originated in Karnataka, a brief study of Haridasa Literature in English and few of their compositions in the form of Songs in Kannada.”

In order to see all the songs correctly, you need to have downloaded and installed either of the 4 fonts they support; Kannada, Telugu, Tamil & Sanskrit. The link to the web site is:

If you are having trouble seeing the correct fonts, do comment on this blog, I will be glad to help you.

The lyrics for Yenu Dhanyalo Lakumi can be found here:

For those who are having trouble viewing the page, here is the song in Kannada for you

Yenu Dhanyalo Lakumi

Lyrics for Thunga Theeravirajam Bhajamana

Poojyaya Raghavendraya Sathya Dharma Ratha Yacha
Bajatham Kalpavrukshaya Namatham Kamadenuve.

Which means, the worship of Sri Raghavendraswamy, who is the embodiment of Sathya and Dharma (Truth and Righteousness), bestows whatever boon one aspires like Kalpavruksha, the Celestial Tree, and Kamadhenu, the Celestial Cow. Incessant chanting of this hymn is a panacea for all ills and problems in life, especially in this age of tension.

Also, chanting of “Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha“, helps immensely.

Thunga theeravirajam bhajamana
Raghavendra guru rajam bhajamana

Mangala kara mantralayavasam
sringaranana rajithahasam
Raghavendra guru rajam bhajamana

Karadritha dhanda kamandalu malam
suruchira chelam dhrita mani malam
Raghavendra guru rajam bhajamana

Nirupama sundara kaya susheelam
Varakamalesha pita nija sakalam
Raghavendra guru rajam bhajamana

ತುಂಗಾತೀರ ವಿರಾಜಂ ಭಜಮನ
ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರ ಗುರುರಾಜಂ ಭಜಮನ ||

ಮಂಗಲಕರ ಮಂತ್ರಾಲಯವಾಸಂ
ಶೃಂಗಾರಾನನ ವಿಲಸಿತಹಾಸಮ್
ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರ ಗುರುರಾಜಂ ಭಜಮನ || 1 ||

ಕರಧೃತ ದಂಡ ಕಮಂಡಲು ಮಾಲಂ
ಸುರುಚಿರ ಚೇಲಮ್ ಧೃತ ಮಣಿ ಮಾಲಂ ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರ ಗುರುರಾಜಂ ಭಜಮನ || 2 ||

ನಿರುಪಮ ಸುಂದರ ಕಾಯ ಸುಶೀಲಮ್
ವರಕಮಲೇಶಾರ್ಪಿತ ನಿಜ ಸಕಲಮ್
ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರ ಗುರುರಾಜಂ ಭಜಮನ || 3 ||

Thunga Theera Virajam with lyrics and the tuning in the great voice of Shri Maharajapuram Santanam here –

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