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Lyrics for Yenu Dhanyalo Lakumi

My Mom does Lakshmi pooje every Friday in the evening. This song was my Mom’s favorite. I do sing this song myself every Friday, and so does my sister.

While browsing the web, I found an awesome website. To quote them “This Web site contains thumbnail sketches of different Haridasas, who originated in Karnataka, a brief study of Haridasa Literature in English and few of their compositions in the form of Songs in Kannada.”

In order to see all the songs correctly, you need to have downloaded and installed either of the 4 fonts they support; Kannada, Telugu, Tamil & Sanskrit. The link to the web site is:

If you are having trouble seeing the correct fonts, do comment on this blog, I will be glad to help you.

The lyrics for Yenu Dhanyalo Lakumi can be found here:

For those who are having trouble viewing the page, here is the song in Kannada for you

Yenu Dhanyalo Lakumi

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