Sri Raghavendra Stotra – An English Translation

This is the translation I received from Sri Gururajan C.K. who had left a comment and provided a link for the meaning of the great Sri Raghavedra Stotra written by Shri. Appanachraya which is sung every single day by millions of Sri Raghavedra Swamy devotees. I take no credit for the translation and all credits go to the authors who translated this. I am just providing this translation for more people to know about this great stotra which has cured millions and millions of people. I have also made changes to the formatting to fix the problems while converting from pdf to HTML. May Shri Guru Raghavendra Bless Everyone.

Sri Raghavendra Stotram . An English Translation (By P.N. Ramachandran)

In these two slokas, the utterances of Sri Raghavendra Swamy are compared to the Holy River Ganga that is washing the feet of Sri Maha Vishnu. The author, by his extraordinary descriptive skill, has rendered devotional praise in favour of Sri Narayana, Sri Madhwacharya, Sri Saraswati, Sri Rudra, Ganga and Sri Raghavendra Swamy. (1 and 2)

All their desires will be fulfilled for those who devote themselves unto the lotus-like feet of Sri Raghavendra Swamy. His merciful grace will destroy mountainous sins. May Sri Raghavendra Swamy of such fame protect us always! (3)

He who has attained all wealth by devotion unto the lotus-like feet of Sri Narayana; who is himself divine; and who is akin to the wish-fulfilling divine tree : Kalpavriksha. May Sri Raghavendra Swamy of such immense fame, always grant fulfillment of all our desires. (4)

He posses a personality that begets auspicious effects always. He is like fire for the bundles of cotton, namely miseries of the world. He has welfare and courage in full measure. He excels in removing all the planetary effects. He is as a bridge to cross the world that is like an ocean full of misery. (5)

He is of blameless nature; He is capable of completely silencing the opposition in debates; His special attainments can only be understood by the learned; He has conquered all by the felicity of his debating skills. (6)

Let Sri Raghavendra Swamy of such repute destroy all bodily defects and diseases and grant us desired progeny, wealth, intense devotion to God, special knowledge and immense energy of speech and body. (7)

This sloka describes the blessings from the ablution water owing from the feet (padodaka) of Sri Raghavendra Swamy . 8

Here the blessings from the dust of Sri Raghavendra Swamy.s feet (mritika) are described. (9)

Sri Raghavendra Swamy has progressed the Madhwa philosophy. He grants or improves divine knowledge, intense devotion to God, desired progeny, long life, fame, wealth and blessings from good deeds. May Sri Guru Raghavendra, the foremost among sanyasis, remove our fear of samsara (the world or the constantly repeating cycle of birth and death)! (10 and 11)

PROWESS IN ALL LEARNED ARTS: His sole aim in debates is to silence the opposition and to eradicate all their doubts without any trace. This Guru is adept not only in his own Madhwa doctrines but in all others as well. In such prowess in all learned arts, there is none other who excels Sri Raghavendra Swamy. (12)

LIBERALITY IN GRANTING WISHES: He has personally experienced the omnipresence of God, the consort of Sri Lakshmi. He has conquered sensuality and other undesirable qualities. He fulfils the wishes of his devotees quickly and in full. In these attributes, there is none other who excels Sri Raghavendra Swamy. (13)

CAPABILITY IN BLESSINGS OR PUNISHMENT: Mercy, cleverness, detachment arising out of our faith in God, excellent debating skills, capability in granting desires or in punishing offenses . in these abilities, there is none other who excels Sri Raghavendra Swamy. (14)

Disabilities such as stage fright etc. and bodily diseases will be completely destroyed by the grace of Sri Guru Raghavendra. (15)

THE MANTRA: By always meditating upon with devotion or by always reciting with devotion the eight letters (when written in the Sanskrit script), Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha, (our obeisance to Sri Guru Raghavendra), one.s desired results will always happen; (In this matter), there is no doubt at all. (16)

Sri Guru Raghavendra has awareness of self (soul). May He destroy our own sins or those caused by our relations or the physical defects in our bodies! And may He also grant us the four human ideals, consisting of dharma (conduct), artha (wealth), kama (sensual pleasures) and moksha (liberation) (17)
He, who prays thrice (morning, midday and evening) daily in this manner, will attain the fulfillment of all his desires in this world and in the world to come (after death), and will be happy. In this matter, there is no doubt at all. 18

May the great and highly reputed Sri Raghavendra Guru, who contributed much to the growth of the Madhwa philosophy, always protect us! (19)

O! Revered Guru! I shall go round, up to my strength, your Vrindavanam (the symbolic structure where mritika is kept in a place of worship) for the benefits equal to all pilgrimages: I shall bear on my head the water from the ablution of the Vrindavanam for benefits equal to bath in all the holy springs. (20)
O! Revered Guru! I shall make obeisance to you to obtain the fulfillment of all desires. I shall repeat many times with devotion your holy name to attain fully the knowledge of the meaning of all Vedas and Sastraas. (21)

O! Revered Guru! Kindly rescue me from samsara which is like the ocean that is difficult to cross. There is in this sloka elaborate comparison between the ocean and samsara. (22)

For one who recites with intense devotion Sri Raghavendra Stotram, diseases such as leprosy, gets cured quickly. (23)

The phrase .with intense devotion. is implied in each of the seven slokas that follow. Further result of reciting with intense devotion Sri Raghavendra Stotram: A person, if blind, will regain eyesight; if deaf, will regain hearing; and if dumb, will regain speech. He will live up to the full human age of 100 and will gain immense wealth. (24)

If a person imbibes the water that has been sanctified with Sri Raghavendra Stotram, he will get instant relief from all diseases of the stomach. (25)

Anyone who is lame or otherwise unable to walk should go round the Vrindavanam reciting Sri Raghavendra Stotram and make obeisance with intense devotion; He will thereby attain the full use of his legs by the grace of Sri Raghavendra Swamy. (26)

Anyone who recites this holy Sri Raghavendra Stotram 108 times with intense devotion, on the occasion of solar/lunar eclipse or the combination of Sunday with the star Pushya, will be relieved of all evil influence, e.g., haunting etc. (27)

Recital of Sri Raghavendra Stotram with intense devotion and lighting lamps near the Vrindavanam will lead to spiritual (divine) knowledge and the person doing these acts will have suitable progeny. This is certain. 28

Success in debates, spiritual (divine) knowledge, intense devotion, and achievement of desires in full . all these will result by the above acts. (29)

Due to the good influence of Sri Raghavendra Stotram, adverse acts of the royalty, bandits, wild life, snakes, crocodiles etc. will lose effect. In this matter there is no doubt at all. (30)

Anyone who with intense devotion, meditating upon the two feet of Sri Guru Raghavendra recites this divine Stotram, for him, even a little unahappiness will not at all happen. Moreover, by the grace of Sri Hari (who is the consort of Sri Lakshmi), fulfillment of one.s desires, universal fame, and boundless wealth, will undoubtedly generate. For this assurance, .Sri Hayagriva (one of the manifestations of Sri Hari) Himself is the witness.. (31)

By the grace of Sri Guru Raghavendra, thus runs this divine stotram rendered by Sri Appannaacharya who is gifted with spiritual knowledge, devotion and detachment. (32)

I bow to Sri Raghavendra Swamy of the following reputation: Revered; he guides us in the straight path of truth and good conduct; He fulfils the prayers of devotees completely just like the divine tree (kalpavrisksha) and the holy cow (kamadenu). (I)

If one reminiscences on Sri Raghavendra Guru.s figure from his feet to his head, then all obstructions will be removed and desires fulfilled. (II)

He is like the sun in removing the darkness of propagation of untruth; He is like the moon in causing the showering up of the devotees of Sri Vishnu; He is merciful to the greatest extent. I bow to Sri Guru Raghavendra. (III)

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  1. Posted by Venkatesh Raghavendra Bewoor on October 28, 2021 at 7:14 am

    Overwhelmed with the meaning of Shri Raghavendra Swami Stotra. A sense of content is witnessed after going through the meaning of Stotra.


  2. Posted by MeetMeInVA on April 6, 2021 at 10:48 am

    Hello – can someone please help explain what the “padodaka” are? It’s said that “…devotees holding the Padodaka in their hands…” chanting Rayaru stotra, will be cured of diseases. Please clarify what the “padodaka” are and can we do this from our home? And instead of chanting the “stotra” can we recite “Om Shree Raghavendraya Namahah” instead?




    • Posted by meeraghu on May 15, 2014 at 7:05 pm

      Anyone can say the stotra. How does it make a difference about my religion to you?


    • Posted by J Sanjeevi on June 26, 2016 at 4:34 am

      Any person of any religion can pray Sri Raghavendra Swamy and get their problems solved ,please pray with sincere heart and mind You will get His grace 100% May Sri Raghavenvendra Swamy give you peace of mind and good health


    • Posted by NkOM1 on August 26, 2021 at 9:54 am

      The Divine stotra can be recited/read by any person having devotion& bhakthi. The spiritual & other benefits are enhanced if a person doesn’t eat non-veg for 15 days before reciting Sri Raghavendra Swamy divine Stotra..I have written all this which is my personal opinion.
      Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha


  4. Posted by meeraghu on July 11, 2012 at 8:23 am

    Pray to Goddess Saraswathi. She is the one who helps us in studies.


  5. hi. i have one son .he didn’t study at all .can u give any mantra to be study of our child.


  6. […] Raghavendra Stotra an English Translation […]


  7. Posted by nagaraj on September 24, 2010 at 3:59 am

    how to pooja mirthika buying it.


  8. Posted by meeraghu on August 28, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Can anyone who know Telugu translate the above comment into English? I have been receiving several comments which are inappropriate, so no idea what the above comments is about?


    • Hari Om ! Meera garu
      The above comment is actually a devotional song about Raghavendra swami in a telugu movie.Its His praise.
      I will render the meaning as per lines order.

      First the original telugu in English

      nammina nA madi matralayamEgA..O..
      nammani vAriki thApathrayamE gA
      sree guru bodhalu amrita mayamEgA .. O..
      challani choopulu suryadayamE gA

      Its meaning..

      1.My mind which has believed GuruRaja is itself Mantralaya,
      2.Those who dont believe in Him are just in Vain(or useless search for something),
      3.What ever GuruRaja teaches are Nectar(Amrutha),
      4.His Kind and Cool graceful looks are like sunrise..
      and after that the comment ended with some line which says that he is worshipped with tulasi

      Jai Sri Ram!
      Om sri Raghavendraya Namaha!


  9. నమ్మిన నా మది మంత్రాలయమేగా
    ఒ…… నమ్మని వారికి పాపత్రయమేగా
    శ్రి గురు భోధలు అమృత మయమేగా
    ఒ….నమ్మని వారికి పాపత్రయమేగా
    తులసీ దళాళ పూజా
    తులసీ దళాళసేవా…………………………….


  10. Posted by sampathveaghavan on March 17, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    ShreeRaama. LakshmeeHayagreeva Kataaksha Siddhirasthu. ShreeRaaghavandra Krupaadrushti praapthirasthu..
    It is a very nice translation of ShreeRaaghavendra Sthothra of ShreeAppannaachaarya. Keep up the Good work. May all good and auspicious things happen to the translator (into English) and all who read the translation (even 1 sentence will work Miracles). May Shankukarna-Prahlaada-Baahlika-VyaasaTheertha _ Raghavendra Protect Us All.
    Aum Shaanthihi Shaanthihi Shaanthihi. ShreeHarihi Aum Thath sath.
    Adiyen Raamaanuja Daasoham.
    Sampath Vijaya Raghavan
    Dakshina Kapilaaranya
    Vikruthi Sam., Chaithra Shula Dwitheeya


  11. Posted by Raghavendra Batni on November 5, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Great… Meera-avare… This is wonderful…. I’ll have my sons read through this on Sunday – for puShyaarka yOga…. Thank you… I’m going to send it to my neices as well. I’m copying your note with it – and referencing your site/blog to them…


  12. Posted by senthil kumar on November 2, 2009 at 1:03 am

    i want meaning for the name “mirthika”


  13. Posted by vinoth vinoth on June 8, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Dear sir,

    Can you pls put this appeal in your blog…


    In Tamilnadu a couple named Sri B.S.Srinivasa rao and srimathi B.S.Savithri were lived in Saligramam and currently living in Villivakkam in chennai.On seeing their true devotion,poojas gururajar performed many miracles in their life and lifted up them in life.Moreover on 14-11-1971 srimathi B.S.Savithri expereinced a dream from rayar.In that dream rayar came up from the brindavan and said that “I WILL GIVE MY HALF OF MY DIVINE POWER TO YOU”.Moreover on 15-7-1975 with the noble couples Mirthika brindavan was built up in saligramam and still now people are calling this temple as “DAKSHINA MANTRALAYAM”…Even now srimathi B.S.Savithri speaking with rayar daily in her dream.

    Recently srimathi B.S.Savithri was sick and admitted in CCU(critical care unit) in hosptial .Most of the doctors were left their hand and not given gaurantee to her life…In that situation rayar came in dream and showed a dense garden filled with tress , bushes ,tulsi brindavan built in sand,small ramar temple and a neem tree.After showing this place rayar said that “My Brindavan will come soon here through dont worry about your body condition”.

    As per words of rayar Srimathi B.S.savithri recovered soon from CCU and returned to home from hospital.Srimathi B.S.savithri said this to her relative and a devotee of rayar named Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman.After long gap Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman went to her native place VASAVAPURAM NEAR TUTICORIN.She saw the place which was showed by rayar in srimathi B.S.Savithri’s dream.Her joy knew no bounds.Suddenly she contacted srimathi B.S.Savithri through phone to seek permission from rayar.On that same night rayar came in dream said that ” this is the right place which i showed earlier and start the brindavan construction soon,I will be along with you”.

    Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman approached her relative cum land owners where the brindavan going to come.Land owners namely SEETHA SIRANJIVI(living in bangalore) and SEETHA RAJAGOPAL(living in chennai) were become proud to hear this from Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman and they also agreed to give their land in and around that place.

    Recently by keeping srimathi B.S.Savithri as source Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman and her family members started and contributed money by starting “SRI RAMA ANJANEYA SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIGALU MIRTHIGA BRINDAVANA TRUST” and brindavan constructions are going on.

    So,please contribute money or things to bring this brindavan and details are given below.

    cost per square feet:Rs.950


    Address to be send : S.Kamala venkatraman,

    Plot no:2,Door no:6,D-1,

    Vignesh plots,Kesari nagar 1 st street,


    contact no:22600269,9840851021,9841973332 .

    Temple location: survey No: 37,

    Sri ramar Temple sannithi street,

    Vasavapuram puthu gramam,

    Trirunelveli-Tuticorin Highways road,

    Sri vaigundam taluk,

    Tuticorin dist.

    ( 13 km from Thirunelveli).


  14. Posted by Dr K.V.Venkataramana on May 25, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Thank you for your faithful translation of Sri Raghavendra Stotra. My faith in Guru has increased manifold. May Sri Raghavendra bless you and your family!


  15. Posted by j sanjeevi on March 19, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    just great it purifies our souls and simply elevates our spiritual levels Thank you for the small drop of the wisdom you gave


  16. Please see my blogspot P N Ramachandran Blogspot. Thanks.Best wishes for the New Year


  17. Posted by Krishna Kumar on December 29, 2008 at 10:58 am

    I would like to see an exact translation of each stanza instead of just grossing over the meaning. There is a translation put out by, but it is too detailed and takes too much effort to understand. When I recite each stanza, I must able to attach meaning to that stanza as though I am reciting it in english or my native language, kannada.

    You should be able to get a book if you visit any Raghavendra Swamy temple in India on Thursday. That way you can pick and choose how much effort you want to put to understand the same.


  18. Posted by P N Ramachandran on December 25, 2008 at 4:29 am

    It is a surprise to me that my humble effort is appreciated by some devotees of Sri Guru Raghavendra. Thank you.

    This is a huge effort, and I am sure Rayaru is proud of the same. Please do send me any other translation work you have done. I will post it here in my blog.


  19. It is a pleasantful mantra that gives us strength ,power and bhakthi


  20. Posted by meeraghu on October 16, 2008 at 6:46 am

    I am not sure I have heard that song, I will check my books.


  21. Posted by meeraghu on October 16, 2008 at 6:45 am

    Thanks Prashanthi. There are many songs and stotras added about Shri Raghavendra Swamy. Click on the lyrics page, or the lyrics or Shri Raghavendra Swamy category on the left side.


  22. Posted by prashanthi on October 16, 2008 at 12:23 am

    I wish God to look after you and your family in every moment. This is one of the best way of doing service. Many people like me could able to know much about God. thanks you. god bless you. will be glad if you could let us know more mantras of Guru Raghavendra swamy!


  23. Posted by Geetha Ratna on August 17, 2008 at 3:03 am

    Can you please post the tranlated kannada version of Sri Raghavendra Stotra which goes as “Sri Raghurama padambuja bhrungane…”


  24. Posted by prema surendran on August 12, 2008 at 8:47 am

    keep up your good work and give bliss to one and all.may the great Guru bless and your family


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