My mom had written this song and given it to me long back, and asked me to recite this during Dasara. So, here comes the lyrics for this song in Kannada and also a translation in English which you can directly use in Baraha and convert to any other language you need.

You can click on the image to see a bigger picture, and clear text as well.

SrInivAsa bhajane

biDenO ninnaMGri SrInivAsa
enna DuDisikoLLelO SrInivAsa
ninna nuDiya jotellO SrInivAsa
nanna naDe tappu kAyO SrInivAsa|

baDiyO bennali SrInivAsa
enna oDala hoyyadiro SrInivAsa
nA baDava kANelO SrInivAsa
nina oDala hokkeno SrInivAsa ||

paMju hiDiveno SrInivAsa
nina E0jala baLidu0be SrInivAsa
nA sa0je udhayake SrInivAsa
kALajiya piDive SrInivAsa||

satige chAmara SrInivAsa
nA netti kuNivenO SrInivAsa
ninna ratnadAvige SrInivAsa
nA hottu nalivenO SrInivAsa||

avarULigava mALpe SrInivAsa
nanna pAlisO biDade SrInivAsa
hELida0tAgali SrInivAsa
ninnagaLAgive SrInivAsa||

ninna nAma hOLige SrInivAsa |
kaLLa kunni nAnAgihe SrInivAsa
kaTTi ninnavaroddare SrInivAsa
nanaginnu lajjEtake SrInivAsa ||

bIsi kollalavare SrInivAsa
mudre kAsi chuchchalavare SrInivAsa
mikka GAsiga0jenayya SrInivAsa
e0jala ba0Ta nA SrInivAsa ||

hEsi nAnAdhare SrInivAsa
hari dAsaroLu pokke SrInivAsa
avara BASheya kELihe SrInivAsa
A vAsiya sairiso SrInivAsa ||

ti0gaLavanalla SrInivAsa
vatsa ra0gaLavanalla SrInivAsa
rAja0gaLa savadipe SrInivAsa
bhava0gaLa dATuve SrInivAsa ||

ninnava ninnava SrInivAsa
nAnanya ariyeno SrInivAsa
ayya manniso tAyita0de SrInivAsa
prasanna ve0kaTAdhri SrInivAsa ||