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Sweet Dosa in Minutes

I had mentioned last year about Sweet Dosa. I prepared the same yesterday for Saraswathi Pooja. So, here comes the recipe with minor changes and also pictures.

In a bowl mix 1 cup wheat flour, 1/2 cup rice flour, 1/2 cup maida. Add two cups of brown sugar, 4-5 tbsp coconut, and cardamom, and also cinnamon powder as desired. I also added 1/2 tsp baking soda. Make a batter as you do for Dosa. As shown below:

Heat a non stick pan, apply oil, and spread the dosa batter. When one side is done, turn over the other side as well.

P.S: I prepared a small batch, and it took me less than 20 minutes to prepare 11 dosas. I have a big non-stick pan, and was able to prepare 2 dosas at a time. The heat was medium.

The dosas were sweet, and you could feel the taste of cinnamon and also cardamom. Definitely good to eat once a year. 🙂

Treasure of Stotras in English

I have hit a jackpot, of course it isn’t filled with money, but with slokas and stotras for all Gods and Goddesses in our Hindu religion. Yesterday, I posted about the Stotras in Sanskrit. While browsing the web in the night, I found another treasure for all slokas and stotras and many more in English.

We all have heard and used Wikipedia right? Can you guess what a free encyclopedia would be called for Hindus? It is called Hindupedia.  To quote from their web site about what it is:

Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia, is devoted to educating the public about all aspects of Hinduism ranging from history and philosophy to current events that impact Hindus. We will strive to hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity and provide a factual and neutral perspective on all topics. On contentious issues, we will strive to present the information from all sides and provide the reader with a holistic view of the issue.

We are the only online Hindu encyclopedia that provides the public with a Hindu perspective on our religion and way of life.

You can browse through the main page and find things you want. However, for most visitors who visit my blog, there is a Stotra page which has lyrics and also meanings as well. Here is a screen shot of part of Vishnu Sahasranama and its meaning in Hindupedia.

So, here are all the links again for Hindupedia.

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