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What Regional Indian Languages Do You Know?

I have been receiving several comments on this blog from visitors asking me for lyrics in languages other than the ones posted here (English, Sanskrit and Kannada). I have replied to many comments saying I have no knowledge at all about other regional Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam. I do have Baraha Software installed, but since I do not know these languages, I am not in a position to translate or post the lyrics in any of these languages. I should also mention that if you have Windows machine, it is around less than 2 minutes to download, install and run Baraha.

So, if you have installed Baraha, and are willing to assist visitors in their quest for lyrics in these languages, let me know. I will send you the Baraha script, and you can translate the same, validate that it is indeed right and post me back the lyrics. I will post the lyrics in all these other languages.

I should mention that it is just two clicks once we have the lyrics written in Baraha software. As you can see in the comments section, this will help many visitors to learn and also recite the songs.

I am sure it will bring some good karma to us for helping interested devotees learn these songs.

Hoping to hear from at least  some of you.

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