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Mangalarathi Thandu Belagire – Lakshmi Arathi Song

So many of you had asked for this famous song. I tried a lot asking my mother, my sister and everyone I knew. My mom asked my grandmother and everyone she knew in India. Not one person had the lyrics for this song. Everyone knew just the first paragraph.

I continued my quest to get the lyrics for this song, and finally my Lalitha Aunty who resides in NJ, USA sent me the CD with not just this song, but many more arathi songs. Of course the CD also has lyrics in Kannada. Thanks so much, Aunty.

Since I just returned from California, I didn’t have time to transfer the lyrics. However, until that time, I thought I should share with you all the song. I have posted the song on youtube. It is sung by Padhma, Geetha and Meghamala.

The lyrics can be found here:

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