Yet Another Miracle

I have mentioned  several times here about my foot problem. I have been suffering with Plantar Fascitis in both right and left foot. This has been ongoing for almost 3 years now. No amount of medicine, cortizone shots, physical therapy, orthotics has improved my condition. 2 weeks back I was sent to a Neurologist to get Nerve Conduction Study. It was another great ordeal which was just very uncomfortable and painful also. I will write in detail about that also.

As I have told many of you, I have been coming home only during weekends. Last Monday, I received a call from the Doctor’s office saying they had found a nerve problem in my Rib and hence the problem and that I should see the Doctor immediately.

So, I came back home yesterday morning, had an appointment at 2.00 p.m. All these days, everyone in my family was so worried. The only solution for this nerve problem was a surgery, and it was a major one. I read many online articles and also found that the recovery time was almost 4 months to just get up and walking.

My walking had come to almost bare minimum, and all the traveling was making matters even worse.

I kept praying to Shri Raghavendra Swamy Day in and Day out, why I was being targeted for all this pain and misery. I was pleading, and praying every minute to not have this surgery. I was scared having read all the details about this surgery online.

Anyway, I had an appointment yesterday. As soon as I entered the Doctor’s office, she said ” Thank God, you don’t have nerve problem”. I was shocked. I said your office called me and mentioned I had severe problem and had to see you immediately. She said” No, they didn’t read the report properly”. I was shell shocked. I am just wearing a cast now, and after the swelling and pain heals, I will be going for physical therapy. But, no surgery.

My prayers were heard by Rayaru. I am blessed. I am ready to wear the cast for 2 months, travel, do presentations and everything. I don’t care. But, no surgery. I told my Parents, they were dumbfounded. I also told my Grandmother in Mysore. She said “It was Rayaru’s miracle, that things completely changed”. Everyone had been praying so much for me. I am so glad. I wanted to share this with you all.

So many of you have shared your stories. So, at times of sickness keep praying to Rayaru as many times as possible. He will heal the pain. Trust me, I am sakshi for this.


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  1. Hi Meera,
    I know how extremely painful it is especially as soon as you get up in the morning. Try changing your footwear and I think there are some yoga asanas, ( yoga_article_111_Managing_Plantar_Fasciitis.html)
    which can relieve pain. I am sure you must have tried all these. I do believe in Rayaru and have experienced his miracles in my life.
    take care

    Rekha, Thanks so much. I sure will try Yoga.


  2. Posted by shruthi on February 4, 2009 at 12:19 am

    Hii Meera,
    i didnt knew about your foot until i read this. i felt very bad. Rayaru nimma kaalina novannu bega kadime maadali.
    Please take care of yourself n get well soon..

    with love,

    Thanks so much Shruthi. I will keep you all posted about my recovery.


  3. Posted by Vadiraj K Kulkarni on February 4, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    Dear Chi Meera,

    Yad Brandavanamasadhya Pangu Khanjopi Vajanah,
    Sthothrenanen Yah Kuryat Pradakhshin Namaskrathi,
    Sajnghalo bhavedev Gururaj Prasadatah.

    Shree Gururajar Nam Smarane, Pradakshine Seve Shraddhe,Vinayadi Gunagallinda madida Kalillada kuntanu kooda Rayar Anugrahadinda Molakalu bala padedu addaduvanthaguvanu.

    Sarava Roga Parihar Guro, Urvee Surarabhimani Guro Ninna Kalu Novannu begane parihar madi, Neenu innoo hechina seve maduvanthagu.

    I am humbled by your comments. I am sure Rayaru will give me some relief from this pain.


  4. Hi Meera,
    i don’t know what plantar fascitis is – read a little about it on wikipedia.
    have you tried accupunture by any chance? i have also heard about certain yoga helps relieve foot aches.
    Coming from rayaru area (our house is few blocks away from the mutt in bangalore), i agree the healing power. may rayaru be with you. take care and feel better

    Ram thanks so much. I haven’t tried acupuncture. I am planning on doing so. I also heard about yoga, will definitely give it a try when the swelling comes down. Thanks again.


  5. Posted by Kaushik on February 19, 2009 at 3:39 am

    Hi Meera, I came across your blog a few days ago. Its a great service you are doing by keeping quite a lot of very informative stuff in your blog, keep up the good work. Really glad that you are taking the time to keep some of our old knowledge alive.

    Btw, regarding your pain, you should seriously think of Yoga and some meditation, breathing techniques. I´ve been doing the Art of Living Sudharshan Kriya since the last 5 yrs & its been the most useful thing in my life.if you have the time, check out, maybe its useful to you too. I´m quite used to seeing such miracles since the time i´ve been with the Art of Living.
    Anyway, I pray that you be relived of all pain very soon. Take care.


  6. Posted by Meera on March 9, 2009 at 6:31 am

    Hai Meera,

    My best wishes on the Nutana Gruhapravesha.

    Can you provide recipe of ‘Sandige Huli’, which is prepared mostly on Devarasamaradhane (Muni/Marriage).



  7. Posted by padmanabharao on August 12, 2009 at 8:50 am

    I hereby share my recent experiences. I was admitted to Narayana hrudayalaya for aeancephalitis, which became serious to drive me to unconsciousness on Jul 4, 2009. The doctors there observed me for 3 days in ICU and 7 days in a ward. However, I gained consciousness on 7 jul. I remember to have recited Raghavendra stotra, several times though I do not believe in such formalities. I felt indifferent about curing powers of any saint against past karma. This time some one made me to pray for my children not to leave them orphaned if I die. But for an animitta bandhu like Rayaru, formalities have little value. He came to my rescue and doctors attending on me felt happy as I was responding to their treatment fast. I can only offer my saashtaanga pranaams to the Guru in my ignorance of neglecting him.

    Sri Padmanabharao, thanks so much for sharing your miracle. Yes, rayaru is not like other saints. Awesome, glad to know about his miracle.


  8. Posted by suresh on September 16, 2010 at 5:30 am

    guru ragavendra


  9. Posted by prakash on October 16, 2012 at 7:20 am

    Rogha harane kripa sagara shri guru raghavendra pari paliso,


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