This document was sent to me several days back by Sri. P.N. Ramachandran. I am extremely sorry for taking so long to post this. As I have mentioned earlier also, it was very hectic the last couple of weeks. Of course, it is not an excuse. I am thankful to Sri P.N. Ramachandran for taking time to write and also send me this wonderful script of Harikathaamrita Sara.

HARIKATHAAMRITA SARA (in Kannada) By Sri Jagannatha Daasaru (Approx. 1728-1809)

Karunaa Sandhi

Malagi Paramaadaradi Paadalu Kulithu Keluva,
Kulithu Paadalu Niluva, Ninthare Naliva,
Nalidare Oliva Nimagemba I
Sulabhano Hari Tannavara Naragalige
Bittagalanu Ramaadhavana
Olisalariyade Paamararu
Bahaluvaru Bhvadolage II
(Sloka 5)

Ittikallanu Bhakuthiyindali Kotta Bhagathage Mecchi Thannanu
Kotta Badabrahmanana Oppidiavalige Akhilaartha I
Ketta Maathugalenda Chaidhyana Pottiyolagimbitta
Bhanadalitta Bheeshmana Avagunagala Enisadane Karunaalu II
(Sloka 12)

Bheeshmacharya, who was lying down on a bed of arrows, prayed to Sri Hari and extolled his glories in “Bheeshma-Stuti” (Srimad Bhagavatham). Sri Krishna heard this, sitting by the side of the Acharya.

Again, Bheeshmacharya rained arrows on Sri Krishna in the war at Kurukshetra. But Sri Krishna did not mind the defects in the Acharya’s qualities (such as fighting for the adharma side of Kauravas).

Pundaleeka, in a sitting position, was serving his parents and at the same time, he was praising Sri Hari; the Great Lord stood (on the brick offered by Pundaleeka) and heard him singing.

Prahlada, in a standing position, was singing the praise of Sri Hari. Lord Sri
Narasimha came jumping out of the pillar and He was dancing.

Narada was singing in ecstacy and dancing. Sri Hari gave darshan to Narada.

Kuchela, a poor Brahmin (and fellow student of Sri Krishna under Sandipani Acharya), offered a handful of beaten rice to Sri Krishna on a later visit. Sri Krishna conferred immense wealth on Kuchela.

Jaya, Gatekeeper at Vaikunta, by a curse, was born as Sishupala, the King of Chedi. He abused Sri Krishna who killed Sishupala when the abuses exceed a limit. Sri Krishna then restored the Gatekeeper his old position, since the effect of the curse was over in his third rebirth as Sishupala.

By these illustrations, the Daasaru establishes that God is full of grace and that his mercy towards his devotees is limitless.

Sri Hari is easy to be reached by the pious devotees. Refer to Bhagavad Geeta , IX-26. In one of his songs, Sri Purandara Daasaru has stated: “Pari Pari Kelasadolu ondu kelasavu endu, Krishna ena baarade.” Constant remembrance of Sri Hari with sincere devotion is the easy path indicated by all the gurus.  Ignorant of the ways to reach Sri Hari, people at large (common folks) suffer in the Samsara (the constantly repeating cycle of birth and death.)

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  1. Posted by Preeti on March 15, 2009 at 1:44 am

    Dear Meera,

    My name is Preeti and I live in Australia. I have learnt many pooja slokas and cooking recipe through your blog. It is amazaing to note that inspite of your busy schedule you manage to update the site with very valuable information.

    On behalf of everyone who use your site, I thank you and please keep up your good work.

    With Best Regards,

    Thanks so much, Preeti.


  2. Posted by Shachi on February 25, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    Here you go Meera. Serial innu shuru agilla, may be next week or 10 days alli agabahudu.


  3. Posted by Shachi on February 24, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Hello Meera, I thought I would tell you about a new serial which is about to begin in ETV kannada on “Helavanakatte Giriyamma” the famed poetess of the Dasa sampradaya.
    If you dont have Etv connection, let me know, i will send u the link to watch it online 🙂


    Dear Shachi,
    I don’t have ETV here. Send me the online link, I will sure watch the same.


  4. Thans. It is very nice of you despite your busy schedule. Also please accept good wishes and blessings from both of us (my wife and I) on your occupying your own house.


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