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2009-2010 Shri Uttaradi Math Panchanga

I just received by mail the 2009-2010 Shri Uttaradi Math Panchanga sent by my Father. My Father is very prompt in sending all these to us here. I have been receiving the calendar every year since 1997, the year we left to Dubai from India. In spite of his age( 75), my Father has never missed sending the calendar or reminding me of any important event. Thanks Dad, I am blessed.

He also had sent a small letter, part of which goes like this.

According to Madhwa philosophy Sri Hari is supreme. All other gods & goddesses are His parivara. He is everywhere and in everything. He is the kala pravarthaka & kala Niyamaka. When such is the case, it is customary to invoke his blessings on the eve of the New Year. Let the New “Samvatsara” bring you all Health, Wealth & Happiness and all your desires be fulfilled. May Sri Hari be with you all, all the time.

I would like to follow my Fathers foot steps, and keep you all posted from now onwards on important events in our religion on a monthly basis. There will be a new post at the beginning of every month with details of all the festivals and important functions.

P.S: If you haven’t purchased one, do ask any of your relatives to post the same. The Calendar costs Rs 20/-, but the postage to US was Rs 190/-.

Here is the link for uttaradi Muth daily Panchanga online. Link  provided by Mr.Nandan.

If you know Sanskrit, than the entire panchanga is available online as a PDF. You can download and print as well.

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