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Akshaya Tritiya – April 27th 2009

Akshaya Tritiya is the most important day in the hindu calendar. They say that in order to perform any major function like marriage, gruhapravesha you don’t even have to check your horoscope for finding a good Muhurtham.

On this day, many ladies give thambula including blouse piece, and other items. Any thing you give or donate they say become akshaya. Meaning infinite or one that never diminishes. I have seen many people also buy gold on this day.

So, if you have decided to anything new this year, this is the right day to get started. If you have all the resources, than go buy gold, and before wearing it place it near God. Donate a few dollars to a nearby charity or to your closest temple.

P.S: It is also the day my Mysore Ajji was born. Happy Birthday Ajji.

The comment below has forced me to comment on the post itself rather than individual comments I usually do. I am not an astrologer or a preist. Nor do I have extensive knowledge of any of these. I have written the post based on what I have seen in all these years in my life; and things being done around my circle. If you don’t agree, you don’t have to follow. I however appreciate all your comments and will not edit and publish them as is if found appropriate.

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