Gandha Lepana at Mantralaya

Mrs. Bhamini has shared the links of Gandha Lepana to Brindavana’s of Sri Rayaru and other saints. Attached below is a link for the picasa web album from Shri Raghunandana’s gallery. Amazing pictures.

P.S: These pictures were posted by Raghunandana of SRSMUTT. I am just providing the links here. Thanks to Mr. Raghunandana and SRSMUTT.

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  1. are you subscribed to my mailing list , where patwari uncle publishes about greatness of Guru Rayaru and his devotees every week ?


  2. ok, then please check and see why ads are poping up on your site 🙂 This is the precise reason I run my own website ad free at my expense, with millions of devotees visiting.

    Yes Sir. I will track and find out. Thanks so much for informing me. I regularly visit your site. Great web site.


  3. When you provide links on your blog, please ensure you do mention the source, these pics were posted by Raghunandana of SRSMUTT. Also i see that there are ads about advaita on your site that talks about dvaita scholars due to your GOOGLE revenue stream.

    Sure, I will. However, I have no google revenue stream. I am not sure I understand what you are talking about.


    • When I clicked on one of your links I got an ad from google on your page that was selling advaita material criticizing dvaita scholars. I thought you haved singed up for GOOGLE ad revenue and hence the ads were generated.

      No Sir. I haven’t signed up for Google revenue. This blog is just a hobby of mine and there is no need for me to make any revenue from this blog at all by Rayaru’s grace.


  4. Posted by vidya on April 28, 2009 at 9:29 am

    thanku so much for sharing the photos.vidya venu


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