Mantralaya Swamyji on Narsimha Jayanthi day @Jayanagar,Bangalore‏

My Sister-in-Law sent me these pictures of Mantralaya Swamyji performing pooja on Narsimha Jayanthi day @Jayanagar,Bangalore‏. I thought I would share with you all these pictures.  This is the 5th block Rayara Matta which I used to visit everyday when I was in Bangalore. Thanks Radha for sending these.




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  1. Posted by Ravindra on May 8, 2009 at 5:36 am

    Thanks for the picture.


  2. Posted by gayathri on May 8, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    thank q for the pics..i just want to know what all we should cook on dwadhashi day and what we should not do on ekadhasi day..pls pls pls write something on this so that it willl be useful..thank u once again

    Sure, Gayathri. There isn’t anything we should be eating on Ekadashi. Just thirtha from the temple. However, if for health conditions you can’t fast, than you can take milk and fruits. If that is not possible than something like Avalakki or upma can be eaten. I myself can’t fast completely as I had severe stomach ulser while I was studying, and from that time I can’t be on empty stomach for more than 4-5 hours. I tried fasting completely many times, and have suffered a lot later. Also, since I travel a lot, I have to take care of my health. However, I make sure I don’t eat rice or anything which has onion or garlic. I know it isn’t an excuse, but if I compromise on my health, than the whole family suffers. No onion or garlic should be eaten.

    On Dwadashi, you are supposed to have lunch early in the morning somewhere between 5 and 6 a.m. Usually they prepare Rice, Gojju, Soppina Thove or Huli, Hesaru bele payasa, Majjige. In the evening again, you have to fast. usually I have seen many elderly people eating Dosa, or chapathi. But, I am not sure of anything else. I am not an expert, so I have written whatever I have observed people doing in my Family. You can talk to some great people in India or someone in the temple also.


  3. Posted by gayathri on May 9, 2009 at 9:55 am

    thank u sooooooooooo much for ur information ….i am going to follow this ekadhasi upavasa and dwadhasi too ..thanks a lot …


  4. Posted by Madhukar on May 9, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    I am no expert myself, but have the following explanation on Ekadashi.

    On the Ekadashi day strict fasting is observed, abstainance from all grains, beans, cereals and certain vegetables and spices.

    An informative explanation for Ekadashi can be found at the following link

    Fasting is only symbolical as the true meaning of Upavasa is totally different. Upa – Upper (meaning the Higher Energy – GOD) – Vasa – (to stay with) – Meaning to Stay with GOD. The Upavasa should be in such a way that we involve ourselves so much with GOD that we have no bodily or materialistic needs during that period.

    Actually “Phalaahara” (fruits) are recommended. But “Upahara (Light food) consisting of Avalakki – a “mutilated” form of rice , Upma – made from either Akki tari (broken/ granulated rice grains) or sooji (broken/granulated wheat grain) are acceptable as they are not in the whole form.

    Thanks for the information, Madhukar. This time when I visit India I am going to sit with my Father and get all details. I will post detailed information about all the important occasions. Just need time and vacation to make a trip to India.


  5. Posted by mathihalli Gururaja Rao on May 18, 2009 at 8:20 pm



  6. Posted by Prahlad Rao on May 23, 2009 at 5:02 am

    I want very much to hear the sanskrit version of Sri Raghavendra Suprabhatam by PB Srinivas and Janaki. Sites such as kannada audio have only the kannada version – not the sanskrit one. Can anyone help me to locate this? Thanks.

    I have never heard the Sanskrit version.


  7. Posted by N KRISHNA KUMAR on June 2, 2009 at 6:28 am

    priyamaina bhaktulara naa aradyadaivam raghavendra swamy mari nenu 1989 to till date varaku naa swamy ne nammanu swamy mahimalu anekam example: na talli ki jarigina operation sucess kavadam na talli bratiki today varaku vundadam swamyea karanam aa raghavendruni padalaku sirassu vanchi namaskaristoo me bhagavatbanduvu krishna kumar


  8. Posted by vinoth on June 23, 2009 at 6:20 am


    In Tamilnadu a couple named Sri B.S.Srinivasa rao and srimathi B.S.Savithri were lived in Saligramam and currently living in Villivakkam in chennai.On seeing their true devotion,poojas gururajar performed many miracles in their life and lifted up them in life.Moreover on 14-11-1971 srimathi B.S.Savithri expereinced a dream from rayar.In that dream rayar came up from the brindavan and said that “I WILL GIVE MY HALF OF MY DIVINE POWER TO YOU”.Moreover on 15-7-1975 with the noble couples Mirthika brindavan was built up in saligramam and still now people are calling this temple as “DAKSHINA MANTRALAYAM”…Even now srimathi B.S.Savithri speaking with rayar daily in her dream.

    Recently srimathi B.S.Savithri was sick and admitted in CCU(critical care unit) in hosptial .Most of the doctors were left their hand and not given gaurantee to her life…In that situation rayar came in dream and showed a dense garden filled with tress , bushes ,tulsi brindavan built in sand,small ramar temple and a neem tree.After showing this place rayar said that “My Brindavan will come soon here through dont worry about your body condition”.

    As per words of rayar Srimathi B.S.savithri recovered soon from CCU and returned to home from hospital.Srimathi B.S.savithri said this to her relative and a devotee of rayar named Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman.After long gap Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman went to her native place VASAVAPURAM NEAR TUTICORIN.She saw the place which was showed by rayar in srimathi B.S.Savithri’s dream.Her joy knew no bounds.Suddenly she contacted srimathi B.S.Savithri through phone to seek permission from rayar.On that same night rayar came in dream said that ” this is the right place which i showed earlier and start the brindavan construction soon,I will be along with you”.

    Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman approached her relative cum land owners where the brindavan going to come.Land owners namely SEETHA SIRANJIVI(living in bangalore) and SEETHA RAJAGOPAL(living in chennai) were become proud to hear this from Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman and they also agreed to give their land in and around that place.

    Recently by keeping srimathi B.S.Savithri as source Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman and her family members started and contributed money by starting “SRI RAMA ANJANEYA SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIGALU MIRTHIGA BRINDAVANA TRUST” and brindavan constructions are going on.

    So,please contribute money or things to bring this brindavan and details are given below.

    cost per square feet:Rs.950


    Address to be send : S.Kamala venkatraman,
    Plot no:2,Door no:6,D-1,
    Vignesh plots,Kesari nagar 1 st street,
    contact no:22600269,9840851021,9841973332 .

    Temple location: survey No: 37,
    Sri ramar Temple sannithi street,
    Vasavapuram puthu gramam,
    Trirunelveli-Tuticorin Highways road,
    Sri vaigundam taluk,
    Tuticorin dist.
    ( 13 km from Thirunelveli).


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