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My Visit to Mantralaya

My visit to Mantralaya was indeed a miracle. The first week of my visit to India was Paksha Masa. So, we didn’t want to travel. The second week was Dasara, and my Father was doing special pooje and hence he was not willing to break his pooje and come to mantralaya. My parents accompanied me to mantralaya.

So, we decided to go there on 28th September, the evening of Vijaya Dashami. It was raining heavily in Bangalore. The Volvo bus we had booked came almost 2 hours late, and we had no place to even wait. Finally, we reached Mantralaya on 29th around 7.30 a.m. We found a small cottage a few yards away from the temple, near the State Bank. It was very close, so we didn’t have to walk too much.

September 29th also was Dashami. So, we gave for Panchamrutha Abhisheka. The temple wasn’t crowded at all. My co-sister Vasanthi knew the main priest in Mantralaya, and hence with her connection we were allowed in the main area where Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavana is there. We were asked to perform Aarathi to Rayaru as well. It was really a chilling experience seeing the Brindavana in such close proximity.

Later, we went to the place where Swamigalu was performing pooje. We saw the pooje for more than 2 hours. What an experience seeing Moola Rama Devarau and other idols. We were really blessed. All the time, it was constantly raining, and we were mostly wet all the time.

We had lunch in the Mutt, and came back to our cottage since the Mutt closes around 3.00 p.m. We later went back in the evening and saw all the evening pooje, the silver and golden chariot seva, Thottilu Seva and went back several times to see Rayaru as well.

We came back to the cottage around 8..30 p.m. and the rain was so heavy we asked for a taxi to come back to the Bus Station. We were completely drenched, and the bus again was late for almost 3 hours. We came back to Bangalore on 30th, and the very same day Mantralaya was flooded. I wanted to stay for one more day, but my Father kept insisting that he had to perform Saligrama pooje at his residence on Ekadashi and so we came back.

It looks like Rayaru was waiting for us to go and see him, I would have been very disappointed if I had come back here without being able to see Rayaru in Mantralaya. After this incident, my devotion towards Rayaru has doubled/tripled. Every time I saw the pictures of Mantralaya on TV, tears rolled down my eyes. We were really blessed to See rayaru and also perform Aarathi to him, which I or my parents had never done all these years.

May Sri Raghavendra Swamy Bless one and all.


This stotra called “Madhvesharpanamasthu” is sung to offer everything we do during day and night to the Lord. It is sung by my Father. As I said earlier also, I failed to scan the lyrics.

Listen to the same on youtube.

P.S: The pictures you see in the video are of

  • My Father
  • Lord Venkateshwara Swamy in 4th Block temple
  • Lord Narashima Swamy in 4th block temple
  • Saligrama Pooje at my Father’s place
  • Sri Raghavendra Swamy temple in 4th T block Jayanagar
  • Sri Raghavendra Swamy temple in 5th block Jayanagar
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