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A Request To Devotees of Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu

An email I received from Rama.  The contents are pasted below:

I am an avid follower of your blog. I have a request to make to all devotees of Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu through your blog. The family of hereditary archakas led ably by Sri Archak Parimalacharya has undertaken the task of collecting and distributing essential relief materials to the dwellers of Mantralayam which was totally flooded. As part of this initiative, they are planning to build houses for the needy  people. Kindly see the pictures in the website,

Also, Sri Raghavendra Saptaha Karyacharana Samiti, headed by Sri Archak Parimalachar has been celebrating Sri Raghavendra Saptaha since 15 years. Sri Raghavendra Saptaha celebrations start on the day of Sri Rayaru’s birthday and at the end of the week Rayaru’s pattabhisheka Mahotsava is celebrated. Please see the link for more details about this.

I request you to forward this appeal to all the devotees you know and kindly post it in your blog which many people visit regularly. Any contribution towards this fund will be a great service towards Rayaru and humanity.

I have pasted the appeal below.


Floods in Andhra Pradesh :  Mantralayam

The flood waters receded in the Tungabhadra river.

Mind blowing pictures which depicts the memory which can never be forgotten are captured and placed in the following link:

The after effects of the flood waters as seen when the water levels receded:

Houses built with only mud have completely dissolved in the water.
Some of the schools which did not have a permanent structure are completely grounded.
Minimum of 3 ft to 4 ft black mud silted in the house and the corridors.
The almirahs, cup-boards, window shelves  items badly damaged and atleast half feet of black mud silted on each shelves.
More than half of the general utensils missing and whatever is visible in the house have completely turned black.
Empty cooking Gas Cylinders missing in the house
Books torn to pieces
Clothes kept in the almirahs have turned black in color & if attempted to wash them, the cloth tears to pieces.
All electronic items in the house not in usable condition.
The shop keeper items kept for sale are completely washed away in the floods
Some of the shops which were built out of asbestos sheet are missing from its earlier location.

In some houses, the flood waters have left life time memories, when it swept away the:
Certificates &  documents along with the borrowed amount withdrawn from the Bank, for obtaining an admission in the Engineering College for the daughter.
New materials purchased for performing the daughter’s marriage kept in the house are swallowed by the flood waters.

The streets of Mantralayam as experienced on the 13th October, 2009 :
Stinking smell in every street
Water logged streets
Empty shops and missing shops
Books, Audio Cassettes, Compact Discs and Photos thrown  on the streets
Heaps of chappals, shoes
Damaged electronic items thrown on the streets

Some of the voluntary organizations have been rendering very good service to the humanity and the flood affected citizens.

Archaka Parimalacharya’s family whose house  (located slightly at an higher altitude in Mantralayam)  situated just opposite to the Venkateswary Swamy Temple have been rendering support to various brahmin families affected in the lower Mantralayam, by providing food and shelter in their house.    In addition, on 2nd, 3rd & 4th October, free distribution of food was also organization from the house for the flood victims irrespective of caste and creed.  Nearly 5 quintals of rice was used for this purpose.

In addition, through the established connections from the Raghavendra Saptaha Karyacharana Samithi, Archaka Parimalacharya and his brothers have  jointly been able to pool up the donations like, Bed Sheets, New Sarees & clothes,  Plastic Mats, Plastic Buckets & Mugs, Cooking Utensils, Groceries, etc. made by various individuals, groups and social organizations.  The distribution activities of the above items are being carried out effectively through the team of closely held relatives of Archaka Parimalacharya, who are in a position to identify the needy.    Till 17th October, 2009,  out of the 2000+ affected families, nearly 900 families have been provided with the following items by Sri.Archaka Parimalacharya family:
a)    A plastic bucket
b)    10 kgs of Rice
c)    A bed sheet
d)    A new saree
e)    A set of trouser & shirt

Finally, it is now the feeling that though the material support has been able to be arranged, for effective rehabilitation of the people who have lost their belongings, houses, business establishments, it is contemplated to rise funds, so that the needed financial aids also can be afforded to the affected people and families.

In this connection, it is a humble appeal from “Sri Raghavendra Saptaha Karyacharyana Samithi” that the financial support may please be made by the haribhakthas and the donations  may please be made into the following account:

Account Number        :  11296400022
IFSC Code              :  BIN0002755
Bank Name            :  STATE BANK OF INDIA
Branch Name          :  MANTRALAYAM

Shri Raghavendra Saptaha Karyacharana Samithi
Mantralayam – 518345
District: Kurnool
State    :
Contact number: 08512-279446

It is hereby assured that the funds donated would be distributed to the absolute needy persons only, for the following purposes:
a)    for re-establishing the business set up for bringing up their shops & establishments,
b)    for re-construction of the damaged, collapsed houses,
c)    for purchase of school books, bags, etc. for the kids who have lost their belongings.
d)    any other essentially needed help through financial support .

Upon completion of the distribution of the funds, the list of beneficiaries would be announced in the site furnishing complete details.

Once again requesting the Haribhakthas for whole hearted support in this endeavor.

Archaka Parimalacharya
Sri Raghavendra Saptaha Karyacharana Samithi
Mantralayam – 518345
District: Kurnool
State    : Andhra Pradesh

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