Tulasi Sankeerthaney(Neerey Thoreley) Lyrics and Audio

This is yet another Tulasi Sankeerthaney. The lyrics and audio are provided Ms. Rekha S Srinivasan. Rekha was able to record this song with the help of her Husband, and also her friend Muthu Kumar. Thanks Rekha & Family and also to Mr.Muthu Kumar for providing us with such a rare song.

Sankeerthaney (Bhudhavaarakke)

Hari govindha govinda raama | Govindha naaraayana ||
Govindha gopala krishna | Govindha naaraayana || Pallavi ||

Neerey thoreley neerey thoreley neela varnana dhevana |
Bhaamey thoreley bhaamey thoreley baala udupiya krishnana || 1 || (Hari govindha…)

Kaalalandhugey kadaga kankana lola udupigey bandhana |
Baala leeleya jagakey thoridha gopala udupiya krishnana || 2 || (Hari govindha…)

Kadeva kadeygola nenu sahithali hadaginolagindha bandhana |
Bidadhey bhakthara vodaney paalipa ranga udupina krishnana || 3 || (Hari govindha…)

Muddhu mukhadhava mooru jadeyali iddha udupiya sthaladhalli |
Oddhu shakatana aadhi gurugala muddu udupiya krishnana || 4 || (Hari govindha…)

Mallarodagoodi mathurapuradhali billa habbava nadesidha |
Ballidha kamsaasurana seelidha malla udupiya krishnana || 5 || (Hari govindha…)

Baala sanyasigaalu ninnanu premadhindhali bhajisalu |
Aaladheleya meley malagidha gopaala udupiya krishnana || 6 || (Hari govindha…)

Adhvaya hari brahma vallabha vidhyasaarathih maadidhey |
Sadhguru muni vaadhiraajana muddhu udupiya krishnana || 7 || (Hari govindha…)

Attached is the audio on youtube.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you very much for the tulasi sankeerthanegalu , audio and lyrics Meera.

    Thanks & Regards


  2. Fantastic! I was looking for this and the only place on the web I could find was yours. The singer sounds just like my mom. Its almost like being home. Thanks.


  3. Namaskaragalu,
    This is beautiful bhajane. Thank you for uploading this song. Do you perhaps know why this sung mainly during Tulasi pooje? what is the significance? just curious


  4. Posted by dinesh rao on November 3, 2012 at 1:48 am

    This bagan/keethana we use tochant during thulasi pooja.thanks for this blog


  5. thank you meera madam.


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