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ಮಾರ್ಗಶೀರ್ಷಮಾಸ – November 17th-December 16th 2009

As per Uttaradimatta Panchanga, this year in Virodhi Nama Samvatsara(ವಿರೋಧಿನಾಮ ಸಂವತ್ಸರ), Dhakshinayana(ದಕ್ಷಿಣಾಯನ‌), Hemantha Ruthu(ಹೇಮಂತ ಋತು), Marghasheersha Masa (ಮಾರ್ಗಶೀರ್ಷಮಾಸ) starts from November 17th and ends on December 16th 2009.

  • November 28th 2009 – Ekadashi, Geetha Jayanthi
  • December 2nd 2009 – Poornima Hunnime
  • December 12th 2009 – Ekadashi
  • December 16th 2009 – Amavasya

P.S: To know the exact dates of events happening in your city, take a look at the following link provided by Ms. Shalini Rao. Thanks so much Shalini.

Pushya Nakshatra – Sunday November 8th 2009

For those of you who are devotees of Shri Raghavendra Swamy, this Sunday is a great day to please him. This Sunday, is the day when Pushya Nakshatra is, and Rayaru will be very pleased if you devote some time performing meditation, saying his Ashtotras or just doing Japa and saying ” Sri Raghavendraya Namaha”.
To quote from the email I received from my Sister Suma,

We have a golden opportunity this Sunday to please Sri Raghavendra SwamigaLu.
As the saying goes “make hay while sun shines”, Sunday 11/08/2009, there is Pushya naxatra and Sri rAyaru will be extremely pleased with jnAna kAryas.
Sriamdh AppanAcharya in Shri rAyara sthora says:
“sOma sUryO parAgEcha PushyArkAdhi samAgame”
which means when pushya naxatra and Sunday intersects, performing Sri rAyara stothra, asthothara, jnAna kAryas etc . will please our Shri rAyaru.

We can get the blessings of Shri rAyaru by doing (yathA shakthi) pArAyana / Punascharana of Sri rAyara Sthotra, reciting Sri rAyara AstOthara and doing the pArAyana of Sri rAyara gramthas.

PS: All times and dates are per USA time zones.
In the seva of Sri Hari, vAyu and gurugalu,
Bala Krishna

So, what are you waiting for, wake up early on Sunday, and meditate and get the blessings from our Beloved Rayaru.

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