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Sri Rama Bhajane – Sri Nama Ramayana Lyrics

Sri Nama Ramayana or Sri Rama Bhajane has been provided here in both Kannada and Baraha Script English.  I wanted to post this from many months now, just didn’t have enough time at all. It has taken several hours to translate this from the book I had to Baraha.

If you need this in any other language other than Kannada, copy the script provided in Baraha in the pdf and translate to any language of your choice.

Hope this helps for the upcoming Sri Rama Navami festival. May Lord Rama bless us all.

There is a video on Youtube for the short version. Listen to learn the tune.

P.S: If you need the word version to use it within Baraha, leave a comment here and I will send it to your email ID. Valid email ID please.

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