Aadhika Masa Pooja at Triplicane in Chennai

Ms. Shubashree Guruprasad from Chennai, sent me an email sharing with me the pooje they performed for Aadhika Masa and also the wonderful pictures. I am amazed at the items which were offered as dana. Please take a look at the pictures Ms. Shubashree Guruprasad has shared with us on facebook, and also the items which were given.

Link for the pictures on facebook:

This pooje was performed at the Raghavendra Mutt , Triplicane , Chennai .. by Sri Ramakrishna Achar…. on 8th May 2010 by Ms. Shubashree Guruprasad parents.
We had invited 33 Dampathi’s and 33 Dhana items were given to them… Starting with Morada Bagina, Dampathi Dhana, Swarna Dhana, Devaru Pooja Pathra, Cups for Thupa and Jenthupa, Silver Tumblers for Ksheera , Vadhya , Jangate, Ghenta, Go dhana, Vigraha Dhana – Lakshmi Narayana, Mandasana for Devaru Pooja, Tulasi Brindava with Mukha , Sal Deepa Dhana (33 lamps to be lit) ,  Chape, Sheya Dhana, Utukumba Dhana, Fruits, Vegetables, Kalkandu, Mane, Vyasapeta and Book ( Harikatamrutasara) and Adikamasa Pooja book, etc… , Rave Ladige, Appupa Dhana,
Along with this all the Dampathi’s were given Tulasi plants, Poorna Phala ( Coconut 2 for all the Dampathi’s ) , Arisina, and all other items for ladies, Dry fruitsetc… and more than 40 Dampathi’s had come….

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