Blog Break: Back in August 2010

I have been extremely busy with work the last couple of weeks. And the next 3 weeks, I will be even more busy traveling within the United States for work. I have been receiving several emails and comments here as well on the blog requesting lyrics and other items. I will not be able to post anything until Mid August 2010.

Please kindly bear with me, and I will be back way before the Shravana Masa and share all important information with the many many regular visitors here.

See you all soon in August 2010. Have a great summer and keep cool.

One response to this post.

  1. rayara priya shishyare! maha maneeshi meera yavare!
    koti koti namaskaragalu
    barilikke nanna haththara shabda enoo illa
    the title” kalpa vru……….” is a real title, a souce of amruth, encompassing all lokas
    an ideal dream blog, a great great model, a bruhath live bhandagara , i am fortunate to find nimma vishvaroopa prathyaksha. darshana illi

    nimma dodda thanakke vinayanaagiiddeeni

    punaha punahaa namaskarisuththa iddeeni
    senior citizen


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