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Yellu Bella for Sankranthi – Jan 15th 2011

With the new year 2011 fast approaching, the 2nd week of 2011 is the festival “Makara Sankranthi”. I will be traveling the week of Jan 9th to Jan 14th to Atlanta, GA and so am planning to prepare yellu a week before. This stays for many many days even months.

Attached below are the pictures and the steps to making Yellu Bella.


I use the following proportion to prepare the yellu:

* 1/2 cup Yellu or Sesame Seeds
* 1 cup Groundnuts or peanuts ( Fried, skin removed and cut into half)
* 1 cup Dhalia or hurigadale
* 1 cup finely chopped dry coconut
* 1 cup Jaggery, finely chopped

Usually the Sesame seeds are cleaned, washed and dried. Later, they are fried. I skip this step, and just fry the Sesame seeds for a few minutes.

Next, grate the black portion of the dry coconut. Chop them into squares as shown in the above picture. Chop the Jaggery also and make sure they are dry. My mom used to keep it in the sun for a few days.

Mix, all the ingredients together. Distrubute to your family and friends. If all the ingredients are dry, it will stay for months.

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