An Amazing Dream

An Amazing dream, yes the one I had just yesterday has been posted on my other blog.
If you are curious, do read at this link.

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  1. Meera Akka,

    I want to call you akka as am the only daughter from a traditional brahmin family and after my marriage, I had always felt the vaccum of not having a sister. But, referring your site for poojas, songs, recipes, I have felt that vaccum filling up!

    Like you, even I had a wonderful experience of seeing Rayaru in my dream. Even now when I remember that, a chill runs in my spine. It was in 2009 Nov when I had an oral communication from my new company to join them ASAP. Based on this, since I had to give 3 months notice to the company I was working then, I gave my resignation. But, the offer letter in e-mail or in hardcopy from the new company didn’t come at all for almost 3 weeks!

    I was really tensed and I checked my mail in the night and was very disappointed. The same thing was running in my mind and early morning – I had a dream that one ajja had something in his hand and I told raghavendra and tears started rolling down my eyes and I woke up. Then I went on to work and didnt check my personal emails till night. And when I checked, I had the offer letter from the new company! Though it was a 2 hr journey from my Mother’s house I accepted it and to my surprise, my marriage settled in the next 2 months and the house where am married to now, is just 20 mins drive to office!

    Its all Rayara karune on me, where I had to change the job and got a house very near to the work place.

    Om Namo Raghavendra!


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