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Sree Raghavendra Swamy Birthday Celebrations – Update

I have uploaded pictures and videos of our visit to Sree Krishna Vrundavana, Edison NJ for the celebration of Sree Raghavendra Swamy Birthday. Please take a look at your leisure.

P.S: I met Mr and Mrs. Prasanna L at the temple. Thanks so much. Prasanna. Also, among the volunteers was Krishnamurthy, we called him Kittu when we were kids. He was serving food for everyone. Great Job, Kittu. How I wish I was close to the temple.


Sree Vadiraja Aaradhane – Monday March 21st 2011

I talked to my Grandmother – Mysore Ajji who resides in Mysore today and she reminded me that Monday was Sree Vadirajara Aaradhane. So, attached below are all the details required to get the blessings our Great Gurugalu Sree Vadirajaru.

Shri Vadiraja Thirtharu

Shri Vadiraja Thirtharu

Attached below is the prayer to say and get the blessing from Sree Vadirajaru

Visiting Shri Krishna Vrundavana, NJ

Tomorrow is the birthday of our beloved Gurugalu. I hope you all sent your japa count to

This week my Daughter Sneha is home for Spring break. She will be leaving to Chapel Hill, NC on Sunday.  And tomorrow Saturday being Our beloved Gurugala Birthday, I didn’t want to force my family members to travel to NJ, which is close to 200 miles from our home.

My Husband seeing my enthusiasm in collecting the Japa count from everyone in my family and my in-laws family sat next to me and said” Meera, I want to give you something”. At that moment, I was like in a dilemma because I know he keeps asking me to buy  something or the other.

However, he said” I know how much you like this, why not we go to NJ and visit the temple and get the blessings”? I was still hesitant and said” No, we will go some other time. We have to drop Sneha early Sunday morning, drive back home the same day. I have to prepare several dishes for her to carry”. He was adamant, and went to Sneha and asked her. She was like ” Yes, lets go and do this for Amma’s sake”.

I kept telling eveyone at home here, and in India that Rayaru wanted us to come see him and seek his blessings. And that’s why he gave the mind to my Husband to take us there. We will be driving today evening, staying in a nearby hotel, and go to the temple early morning, and drive back around noon.

So, if you happen to visit the temple tomorrow, please stop by and lets meet and greet.

I will post all the details when I come back sometime Monday or Tuesday.

I will pray for one and all. May Shree Raghavendra Swamy bless everyone with his choicest blessings.

You can find all the details about the temple here:

Update: Birthday of Sree Raghavendra Swamy

This is just an update to everyone who has been doing  the Japa “Om Sree Raghavendraya Namaha” to send their count to

Details can be found here:

Sri Raghavendra Saptaaha Mahotsava-LIVE WEBCAST

Details about the live webcast has been posted at my other blog. Take a look here:

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