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Sri Rama Navami – March 31st 2012

P.S: I have been traveling a lot the past few months. I have gone all the way from Florida, to Texas and writing this post from Vancouver, Canada. I was reminded by my Husband when he asked me when was Rama Navami. It is a great privilege to have the calendar at hand on the computer. I will be reaching home tomorrow night from Canada. However, will recite the slokas on my way home. Happy Rama Navami.

Rama Navami falls on the ninth day(Navami) of the Hindu calendar year during the Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami. It is a celebration of the birthday of the Lord Rama. Ramnavami usually occurs in the months of March and April.

As always, here are some very popular slokas to say on that day.

May Shri Lord Rama bless you all.

1. Rama Stotra in the Vishnu Sahasranama, say this sloka 3 times as mentioned in the sahasranama.

Sri Rama Rama Rameti Rame Raame Manorame
Sahasra Nama Tat Tulyam Rama Nama Varanane
Sri Rama Nama Varanane Iti

2. Next one is what we learnt when we were all young.

Ramaya Rama Bhadraya Ramachandraya Vedhase
Raghu Nathaya Nathaya Sitayah Pataye Namaha

3. And of course, Hare Rama Hare Rama

Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare
Hare Krishna hare Krishna krishna krishna hare hare

4. Here comes the Rama Ashtotra

Om Shri Ramaya Namaha
Om Ramabhadraya Namaha
Om Ramachandraya Namaha
Om Shashvataya Namaha
Om Rajivalochanaya Namaha
Om Shrimate Namaha
Om Rajendraya Namaha
Om Raghupungavaya Namaha
Om Janaki Vallabhaya Namaha
Om Jaitraya Namaha

Om Jitamitraya Namaha
Om Janardhanaya Namaha
Om Vishvamitra Priyaya Namaha
Om Dantaya Namaha
Om Sharanatrana Tatparaya Namaha
Om Bali Pramathanaya Namaha
Om Vagmine Namaha
Om Satyavache Namaha
Om Satyavikramaya Namaha
Om Satyavrataya Namaha

Om Vratadharaya Namaha
Om Sada Hanumadashritaya Namaha
Om Kausaleyaya Namaha
Om Kharadhvamsine Namaha
Om Viradha Vanapanditaya Namaha
Om Vibhishana Paritratre Namaha
Om Kodanda Khandanaya Namaha
Om Saptatala Prabhedre Namaha
Om Dashagriva Shiroharaya Namaha

Om Jamadagnya Mahadarppa Dalanaya Namaha

Om Tatakantakaya Namaha
Om Vedanta Saraya Namaha
Om Vedatmane Namaha
Om Bhavarogasya Bheshajaya Namaha
Om Dushanatri Shirohantre Namaha
Om Trimurtaye Namaha
Om Trigunatmakaya Namaha
Om Trivikramaya Namaha
Om Trilokatmane Namaha

Om Punyacharitra Kirtanaya Namah

Om Triloka Rakshakaya Namaha
Om Dhanvine Namaha
Om Dandakaranya Kartanaya Namaha
Om Ahalya Shapashamanaya Namaha
Om Pitru Bhaktaya Namaha
Om Vara Pradaya Namaha
Om Jitendriyaya Namaha
Om Jitakrodhaya Namaha
Om Jitamitraya Namaha
Om Jagad Gurave Namaha

Om Riksha Vanara Sanghatine Namaha
Om Chitrakuta Samashrayaya Namaha
Om Jayanta Trana Varadaya Namaha
Om Sumitra Putra Sevitaya Namaha
Om Sarva Devadhi Devaya Namaha
Om Mritavanara Jivanaya Namaha
Om Mayamaricha Hantre Namaha
Om Mahadevaya Namaha
Om Mahabhujaya Namaha
Om Sarvadeva Stutaya Namaha

Om Saumyaya Namaha
Om Brahmanyaya Namaha
Om Muni Samstutaya Namaha
Om Mahayogine Namaha
Om Mahadaraya Namaha
Om Sugrivepsita Rajyadaye Namaha
Om Sarva Punyadhi Kaphalaya Namaha
Om Smrita Sarvagha Nashanaya Namaha
Om Adipurushaya Namaha
Om Paramapurushaya Namaha

Om Mahapurushaya Namaha
Om Punyodayaya Namaha
Om Dayasaraya Namaha
Om Purana Purushottamaya Namaha
Om Smita Vaktraya Namaha
Om Mita Bhashine Namaha
Om Purva Bhashine Namaha
Om Raghavaya Namaha
Om Ananta Gunagambhiraya Namaha
Om Dhirodatta Gunottamaya Namaha

Om Maya Manusha Charitraya Namaha
Om Mahadevadi Pujitaya Namaha
Om Setukrite Namaha
Om Jita Varashaye Namaha
Om Sarva Tirthamayaya Namaha
Om Haraye Namaha
Om Shyamangaya Namaha
Om Sundaraya Namaha
Om Suraya Namaha
Om Pitavasase Namaha

Om Dhanurdharaya Namaha
Om Sarva Yajnadhipaya Namaha
Om Yajvine Namaha
Om Jaramarana Varjitaya Namaha
Om Vibhishana Pratishthatre Namaha
Om Sarvabharana Varjitaya Namaha
Om Paramatmane Namaha
Om Parabrahmane Namaha
Om Sachidananda Vigrahaya Namaha
Om Parasmai Jyotishe Namaha

Om Parasmai Dhamne Namaha
Om Parakashaya Namaha
Om Paratparaya Namaha
Om Pareshaya Namaha
Om Parakaya Namaha
Om Paraya Namaha
Om Sarva Devatmakaya Namaha
Om Parasmai Namaha

P.S: Here are some links where I found Lord Rama Bhajans in Hindi and English.

1. Ram Bhajans

And here are some in Telugu and English

2. Rama Slokas

Attached below are the links for Sri Nama Ramayana and also the Arghya Mantra.

Ugadi – Nandana Nama Samvatsara(ನಂದನ ನಾಮ ಸಂವತ್ಸರ) – March 23rd 2012

The new year for all Hindus start from March 23rd 2012. This year it is Nanadana Nama Samvatsara (ನಂದನ ನಾಮ ಸಂವತ್ಸರ ).

Panchangas for Uttaradi Math is available online at the following links in Kannada and Sanskrit. I have downloaded the Kannada one already.

Below are the links for Kannada and Sanskrit.

1. Kannada Panchanga

2. Sanskrit Panchanga

P.S: Thanks a million to the webmaster at Uttaradi Math for these downloads. It greatly helps each and every one in following our customs and traditions.

In most Madhwa houses, the leaves of neem also called Bevu ಬೇವು is mixed with jaggery called Bella ಬೆಲ್ಲ; and is distributed on the occasion. Neem, which is extremely bitter in taste( Kahi) , and jaggery which is sweet and delicious, signify the two different aspects of human life – joy and sorrow.

Here are some recipes posted in this blog to prepare during the festival:

P.S: As always no food is prepared with onion or garlic.
You can find some amazingly good greetings in Kannada, at the following link

And here is the lyrics for the famous song by Shri Bendre, which we used to hear on major radio channels, Yuga Yugadi Kaledaru:

yuga yugAdi kaLedarU yugAdi maraLi barutide
hosa varushake hosa harushava hosatu hosatu tarutide

honge hUva tongalalli bhrungada sangIta kEli matte kELabarutide
bEvina kahi bALinalli hUvina nasugampu sUsi jIvakaLeya tarutide

varushakondu hosatu janma harushakondu hosatu neleyu akhila jIvajAtake
onde ondu janmadali onde bAlya onde haraya namagadashTE EtakO

niddegomme nitya maraNa edda sala navIna janana namage Eke

bAradOelE sanatkumAradEva elE sAhasi chiranjIva ninage lIle sEradO

yuga yugAdi kaLedarU yugAdi maraLi barutide
hosa varushake hosa harushava hosatu hosatu tarutide nammanashTe maretide

You can of course listen to a preview of this song sung by S.Janaki at the following links here:

Watch on Youtube here.


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