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ಆಷಾಢ ಮಾಸ – Ashada Masa – June 20th – July 19th 2012

ಆಷಾಢ ಮಾಸ or Ashada Masa starts June 20th and ends on July 19th 2012 in ನಂದನ ನಾಮ ಸಂವತ್ಸರ  Nandana Nama Samvatsara. This entire month is considered inauspicious. Newly wed couple are not allowed to stay in the same house. And in some families I have also seen that Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-law don’t stay in the same house as well. No idea who or how these beliefs came into existence.

During this month, there are no marriages, upanayanas, or any good deeds performed. However, it is during this month that the Chaturmasa Starts, and the last day of ಆಷಾಢ ಮಾಸ or Ashada Masa is Bhimana Amavasya.More about this festival later in the month.

Stay tuned for our most auspicious month – ಶ್ರಾವಣ ಮಾಸ  or Shravana Masa coming soon.


Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu on Twitter : @Hindu_Living

It has been 4 great years, with 500 posts, and 2.25 million visitors. I am overwhelmed by this great response to my blog. Finally, I decided to create a twitter account for this blog. I didn’t want it to be specific to my community, and wanted it to be helpful to our entire Hindu community. It is called @Hindu_Living.

I hope it helps each and everyone following our Hindu religion, to share, learn and be better human beings.

If you have a twitter account, you can follow @Hindu_Living.

Hope to see you all there.

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