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Updated: Sampat Shukravarada Haadu – Lakshmi Song

Update: Just today, I recorded the song for this. Please ignore some mistakes I made. It is a song for almost 19 minutes, so there was no time to record the same more than once. It is recorded just for your reference. I have recorded exactly like my Mom sings, Thanks MOM.

Sampat Shukravarada Haadu

This is called Sampat Shukravarada Haadu. It has to be sung after performing Lakshmi Pooja in the evening on 5 Friday’s during Shravana Masa.

The book I had is in Kannada, and was given to me by my Mom. It is very old. Some of the pages came out a little blur. Forgive me for that. It has 26 pages and 119 paragraphs.

You can listen to the song online here. Link provided by Rashmi.

Shravana Masa Lakshmi Pooja Vidhana – August 21st, 28th September 4th, 11th

Rangoli designs for the Pooja, with Lakshmi Hrudaya.

A picture of jasmine garland made from flowers in my own garden for Lakshmi Pooja.

Pooja begins with lamps, flowers, Gejje Vastra:

After, Naivedya, Mangalaruthi, and Laskhmi Aarathi.

Shravana Shukravara Lakshmi pooja is performed on all the Friday’s. This year it is performed on:

  • August 21st – Friday

  • August 28th – Friday

  • September 4th – Friday

  • September 11th – Friday

I have scanned and attached a document which has the complete details on performing Sri Lakshmi Pooja during Fridays and also Shravana Masa. This shouldn’t be confused for Sri VaraMahaLakshmi Vrata. I will post a separate post providing all details for Sri VaraMahaLakshmi Vrata.

This document has all the details from doing the Achamana, to Sankalpa, Dhyana, Naivedya, and Maha Mangalarathi.

It is a PDF document and is in Kannada.

Attached below are other links posted here on Goddess Lakshmi.

Attached below are some other links where many more posts have been added on Lyrics and Goddess Lakshmi.

P.S: It is very difficult to translate these in English, so I am not doing that. If you have any book and want to share, scan it and send it to me.

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