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Tiliyado Ninnata Tirupathiya Venkata – Lyrics and Audio

Mr. Sughosh Nagendra had sent me the audio and video link for the song Tiliyado Ninnata Tirupathiya Venkata –  ತಿಳಿಯದೋ ನಿನ್ನಾಟ ತಿರುಪಥಿಯ ವೆಂಕಟ
 few weeks back. Due to hectic schedule at home and work, I was unable to post the details. So, attached below is the link on youtube which has both audio and video.

Thanks to Mr. Sughosh for providing the lyrics and audio.

Composer – Sri Vyaasa Vittala Daasaru

Singer – Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar


Quick, Easy and Tasty Coconut Burfi

My Daughter and Husband love Kobbari Mithai. I used to prepare this very frequently in my early years of marriage in Bangalore. However, once we moved to the US, I stopped bringing Coconut quite often expect for festivals. This year, on Krishna Janmasthami I decided to prepare Kobbari Mithai for our Littlest guest Lord Krishna. It is quite easy to make and takes less than 20 minutes and requires just 4 ingredients. Quick, and tasty easy is what I like about this.


1. 2 cups grated coconut, or frozen coconut

2. 1 and 1/4 cup suger

3. 3-4 crushed cardamoms

4. 2 tsp ghee


1. Mix the grated coconut and sugar and keep aside for a few minutes.

2. Take a very thick bottom pan, put this mixture and on a medium heat, keep stirring this for close to 18-20 minutes.

3. The mixture starts to thicken and leaves the sides on the pan. Add crushed cardamom at this point.

4. Grease a plate, and apply ghee. Pour this mixture and tap it with a spatula so the mixture is evenly spread

5. Cut into desired shape.

P.S: While grating the coconut make sure you don’t use the black portion. This will give you a white Coconut Burfi. Enjoy.

2.5 Million Visitors – Thank You

It has been a very hectic month for me, the festivals, vacation, and travel for work has taken a toll on me. When I wake up in the morning, on most days I have no clue where I am.

However, it is this web site which keeps me company at all places. And I am so glad to inform each one of you that this blog has just reached 2.5 million visitors. I have posted 500 posts, and has thousands of comments. It is amazing how this blog has grown and become popular.

I would definitely like to Thank the Almighty for this blog. And of course, all the credit has to go to the many contributors who send me lyrics, paintings, and other interesting information.

I hope and pray to the Lord and my beloved Rayaru to give me strength and energy to share many more posts and tons of information through out the year, and many more years to come.




Sree Krishnastami Pooja @ 14619

This year we celebrated Krishnastami with great joy. Like most of you know, we were not able to perform any festival last year. The joy of performing the festival along with the visit of my Daughter Sneha was really satisfying. As soon as we finished the festival, we left to “The Bahamas” on Friday early morning for a vacation along with our daughter. We returned back yesterday, so we could perform the Annual Death Anniversary of my Father-in-law today.  I planned the timing so we could have a break and also not miss any of our festivals or rituals which is very important to us.

So, attached below are some details about the festival, the food items I prepared. Thanks for everyone who shared their wonderful experiences about the festival.

I started with detailed Rangoli in our front door.

I fasted completely on this day, and my Daughter helped in performing so many of the items listed below. So, I made the following items for our beloved Krishna. My Husband always makes Om Pudi, which is a tradition he likes to follow since his Father also always made Om Pudi for our Little Krishna.

1. Moong Dal Kosambari – ಹೆಸರು ಬೆಲೆ ಕೋಸಂಬರಿ

2. Channa Dal Kosambari – ಕಡಲೆ  ಬೆಲೆ ಕೋಸಂಬರಿ

3. Sweet Avalakki – ಸಿಹಿ ಅವಲಕ್ಕಿ

4. Mosaru Avalakki – ಮೊಸರು ಅವಲಕ್ಕಿ

5. Upma – ಉಪಿಟ್ಟು

6. Kesari Bath – ಕೇಸರಿ ಬಾತ್

7. Coconut Burfi – ಕೊಬ್ಬರಿ ಮಿಟಾಯಿ

8. Kodubale – ಕೋಡುಬ

9. Chakali – ಚಕ್ಲಿ

10. Om Pudi – ಓಂ ಪುಡಿ

11. Rave Unde – ರವೆ ಉಂಡೆ

12. Besan Unde – ಬೇಸನ್ ಉಂಡೆ

Lots of fruits, Coconut, Butter and flowers.

Sree Krishnarpana Mastu.

I will soon post the recipe for Coconut Burfi, Kodubale and Chakali. This Chakali recipe was different from the one posted earlier.

Water Color Painting of Sree Raghavendra Swamy

Mr. Nagesh Hanumantha Rao sent me this water color painting 2 days back. I asked a few details and below is the reply Mr. Nagesh sent me.

Mr. Nagesh is residing in Uttarahalli. He painted in the year 2003.  Painting is his hobby, and he  loves Guru Rayaru very much and was planning to draw him one day.. suddenly one day evening he started painting(free hand drawing) and finished on the same night and surprisingly went Mantralayam and put this painting on his feet(brindavana) and now this painting is in his pooja room. Thanks so much Mr. Nagesh for sharing this with all of us.

P.S: Do you have a painting, rangoli, lyrics, audio, video to share? Leave a comment here and I will send you an email. In a few more weeks, this website will have registered 2.5 MILLION visitors.

Aaradhane – Mantralaya Pictures

It brings tears to my eyes when I see pictures of our beloved Rayara Aaradhane pictures in Mantralaya. People who can visit Mantralaya during Aaradhane must be blessed.

Attached are links for pictures uploaded by Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt-Mantralaya. A million thanks to the web master at Mantaralaya Mutt for providing the opportunity to see our beloved Rayaru virtually.

Sree Raghavendraya Namaha. May Sree Rayaru bless one and all.

Below is the link :

Shri Krishna Janmashtami/Krishna Jayanthi – August 9th 2012

ಕೃಷ್ನಯ ವಾಸುದೇವಾಯ
ದೇವಕಿ ನಂದ  ನಾಯಚ
ನಂದಗೋಪ  ಕುಮಾರಾಯ
ಶ್ರೀ  ಗೋವಿಂದಯ ನಮೋ  ನಮಃ

ಕೃಷ್ಣಯ ವಾಸುದೇವಾಯ  ಹರಯೇ  ಪರಮಾತ್ಮನೇ
ಪ್ರಣತ ಕ್ಲೇಶ  ನಾಶಾಯ  ಗೋವಿಂದಾಯ  ನಮೋ ನಮಃ



Pooje performed in 2009…





Updates: Pooje at my residence on August 23rd 2008.

Preparation 1

Preparation 1

Closeup of Lord's idols

Closeup of Lord

Another look before pooje

Another look before pooje

After the Pooje

After the Pooje

After the Naivedya

After the Naivedya

Shri Krishnastami is celebrated on Thursday August 9th 2012. Sri Krishnastami or Krishna Jayanthi marks the celebration of the birth of Lord Sri Krishna;the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Sri Krishna was born on the ‘Rohini’ nakshatra on Ashtami; that’s why it is called Krishnastami. In karnataka it is also known as Gokulashtami and Janmashtami. The festival occurs between August and September in our English calendar.

According to our Hindu mythology, Krishna was born to destroy Mathura’s demon King Kamsa, brother of his virtuous mother, Devaki. A celestial voice told Kamsa that he would be killed by the eighth child of Devaki. Alarmed by the message, Kamsa imprisoned Devaki and her husband Vasudeva. Taking no chances, Kamsa went on killing Devaki’s children soon after birth. Lord Krishna was born as the eighth child of Vasudeva at midnight. But at Krishna’s birth, under divine instructions, Vasudeva left the prison unnoticed with the baby. He crossed the mighty river Yamuna which was in spate due to heavy rains. Without any difficulty, he walked across the river protected from rain by the mighty serpent Shesha, and reached Gokul. In Gokul, on the same midnight, a girl named Yogamaya had been born to Yasoda, wife of Nanda a herdsman. The babies were exchanged, and Vasudeva came back to prison with the girl. When Kamsa was told that his sister had given birth to a child, Kamsa attempted kill the child. But the baby who was Goddess Maya, flew off to the heaven, warning Kamsa that Krishna, who would kill him, had already been born and was alive. Eventually, Krishna killed Kamsa, and released his parents from the prison, and brought peace and happiness to the common people.

In our Madhwa tradition, we are supposed to fast on this day, and late during the night; usually midnight we are supposed to give Arghya to Lord krishna. Here is the stotra to be said while giving Arghya to Lord Krishna. While giving the Arghya, hold a coin, a lemon and dried date in your right hand, and using a silver spoon offer 3 times milk and 3 times water to Lord krishna in a silver bowl, and keep repeating the below Stotra as well. Everyone in the household has to give Arghya to the Lord.

Argya Stotra

Arghya Stotra

Arghya Stotra from the Utharadi Matta Panchanga

Arghya Stotra from the Utharadi Matta Panchanga

Krishna Arghya

Jathaha Kamsavadarthaya Bhoobharotharanayacha|
Kouravanam Vinashaya Dhaityanam Nidhanaya Cha ||
Pandavanam Hitharthaya Dharamasamsthapanaya Cha|
GruhanaArghyam Maya Dhatham Devakya Sahitho Hare ||

Chandra Arghya

Kshirodharnava Sambhootha AthiGotraSamudhbhava |
GruhanaArghyam Maya Dhatham Rhohinya Sahitho Shashin ||

Another set from Prasanna.

Krishna Arghya mantra
jatah kamsavadharthay bhubharo harNayacha

kouravaNam vinashaya diatyanam nidhanaya cha
panDavanam hitarthaya dharma sansthapanay cha

grahaNaarghyam mya dattam devikya sahito hare||

chandra arghya
kshirodarNav sambhootham atrigotra samudbhavam
grahaNrghyam mya dattam rohiNya sahitah shashinah||

The food items performed are mostly sweet dishes, fried items and items with Avalakki. All these dishes are performed with extreme madi. If you are not able to do so, here are some useful tips:

1. The most important thing in any festival is the breaking of the coconut and offering it to god, so bring a coconut.

2. Keep also 5 fruits for offering to god, like Banana, Mango, Apple, Orange, Grapes, Plum, Pear and so on..

3. You can make the following dishes which have been mentioned here in the blog which need no cooking at all, add the seasonings after you do the Naivedaya to god.

4. If you don’t mind cooking on the gas stove, here are other recipes you can make as well

5. Bring lots of flowers which are again easily available; roses

6. Offer butter also to the Lord which again is available in all grocery stores.

7. Below are several links which has all the songs in praise of Lord Krishna posted in this blog.

8. Here are some links from as pdf files

9. We also place a silver cradle and keep the Ambegalu Krishna idol in the cradle and rock the cradle while singing the following song:

10. Recite Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya as many times as possible.

11. Little feet of Lord Krishna are drawn as well along with other rangolis.

11. Last but not the least, do as many namaskaras as you can and break the fast.

Once you finish the pooje, surrender yourself to the Almighty Lord by saying the following Stotra.

ಕಾಯೇನ  ವಾಚ ಮನಸೇನದ್ರಿಯಿರ್ವ
ಬುದ್ಧ್ಯತ್ಮನ  ವ  ಪ್ರಕೃತೆ  ಸ್ವಭಾವತ್
ಕರೋಮಿ  ಯದ್ಯಥ್   ಸಕಲಂ  ಪರಸ್ಮೈ
ಶ್ರೀಮಾನ್ ನಾರಾಯಣಯೇತಿ ಸಮರ್ಪಯಾಮಿ


May Lord Krishna Bless ALL

ಶ್ರೀ ಕೃಷ್ಣರ್ಪನಮಸ್ತು

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