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Swarna Gowri Vratha – Marada Bhagina

Some of you have sent queries asking what items need to be within the Marada Bhagina for the Gowri Vrata.  It is possible to get the above shown containers in Dollar stores or fancy item store. My Sister gives me the Bhagina every year. Like I have said many times, my In-Laws don’t have Swarna Gorwi Vrata. However, my Parents have it, and as a child I have seen my Mom perform this Vrata with utmost devotion.

So, listed below are the items to be put in the containers:

  1. Haldi Packet
  2. Kumkum Packet
  3. Gejje vastra
  4. Hoovu Bathi
  5. Adike – Betel Nuts
  6. Jaggery
  7. Sugar
  8. Rice
  9. All dals
  10. Salt
  11. Silk or any other texture Saree
  12. Blouse Piece
  13. Bangles
  14. Small Mirror, Comb
  15. Kobbari Battilu
  16. Rava
  17. Tamarind

The main goal of giving this bhagina is to make sure the lady who is receiving this is able to perform one days worth of Pooja and cook for a day as well with all the items given.


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