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Krishna Janmabhoomi – Mathura

Our protector, our Savior Lord Krishna was born in Mathura. I know each and everyone who visits this blog know when and under what circumstances our Lord Krishna was born. Like I mentioned earlier, we visitied Mathura and Brindavan on Sunday 09/23/2012.

It was a great experience which I cannot explain when I went into the underground prison where Krishna was born. To know that Vasudeva and Devaki lived here, and our Almighty was carried from here, brings chills.

The temple was partially destroyed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. He built a Masjid on top of the temple, which is even now attached to the prison. There is a bigger Krishna Temple attached to the prison, called Dwarkadeesh temple a few meters away and  was built in 1815 by Seth Gokuldas Parikh.

The security in and around this place is very tight. No cameras, cell phones, purses or anything operated with batteries are allowed. The Prison is open at all times, however the Dwarakeesh temple closes around noon and opens only at 4.00 PM. We reached Mathura after seeing Agra around 2.30 PM. Had to walk quite a few kilometers due to some construction, and waited a few hours for the Dwarakeesh temple to open at 4.00 PM. The crowd is crazy here, no rules, no regulations. Everyone pushes around, and there is too much pickpocketing here also. So, if you are visiting Mathura make sure you keep all your valuables in the hotel and don’t carry anything except for the  money you need to travel. The roads are really bad, and walking bare foot without stamping on anything is a herculean task.

Once we were out of the temple premises I was able to get the pictures you are seeing above.

Definitely worth seeing the place where our Lord was born, just need to be more careful.

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