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Symbol of Love – Taj Mahal

Is there anything to be said about this marvelous monument? I don’t think so. The arrangement including security and parking is just horrible. I am amazed that this monument being so precious our Indian Government cannot do much here to protect this. Too many vendors and kids trying to pull you and cheat you left, right and center. Not really happy about that.

The way the lady police officers carry out security checks is just awful.  If you have visited any place in India where there is tight security, I am sure you will know what I meant here. I kept grumbling and frowning, and as soon as I saw the monument, all my disappointment about the arrangements just vanished. We should thank Emperor Shah Jahan for that. And until the time you leave the premises, you keep saying “Oh My God, how did they build this marvelous monument”.

Anyway, what cannot be cured must be endured. Enjoy the pictures.

Entrance to Taj.

The marble stone with intricate design:

The border which can be seen all across Taj Mahal:

River Yamuna at the back of Taj Mahal:

The flooring on Taj looks like carpet:

Finally, a look at TajMahal itself.

A closer Look:

Mahendi @ IndiaGate

I love applying Mahendi’s. Anytime I visit India, I get the cone and use it. I apply Mahendi to everyone at home, except Men. 🙂

I still remember when I was a kid, my Sister kept cleaning her hands each time I applied Mahendi saying mine was better than hers. I used to apply Mahendi to her and later to my hands, and she always felt mine was better than hers. Oh, how I wish we can rewind and go back to those ages.

So, there was a little girl standing near India Gate with a book full on intricate designs of Mahendi. She was charging Rs 100 for one hand. My Husband forced me to apply Mahendi and was willing to carry my purse until it dries. Nice no?

So, attached are a few pictures of the Mahendi I got applied for just one hand.

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