What is Dry Day?

As I was walking through the corridors of the Hotel I am staying “The Claridges” I saw signs everywhere saying “Dry Day”. As I sat down to eat breakfast, I asked the person in-charge what it means. He was a bit amused and asked me “Aap Indian Hai”. 🙂

I said ” Jee Hahn, Main bahut Indian huh, lekin maine India chodke sola saal ho gaye. Muje yeh bhi Malum hai ki aaj October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi hai”.

I was later told that on all major holidays and festivals, they have what is know as a Dry Day. Which means, no selling or consumption of Alcohol. I was like, awesome. These dry days are observed by all states.

Of course for a person like me who is a Teetotaler it makes sense to make all 365 days Dry Days. 🙂 I know there will be many who would like to hunt me down for this, no?

If in the future, I become the Prime Minister of India, I will make all 365 days Dry Days. Having said that I would like to share some pictures of our First Lady Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. We visited her museum on September 23rd 2012.

The saree, slippers and purse Indira Gandhi was wearing when she was assassinated by her own Security Guards.


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  1. Ha, ha! Were you born and brought up in US? Because in the West and most other non-Indian countries, drinking is part of a routine daily life feature, that phraseology was not probably known. Whereas in India, even today, some of the states like Gujarat, the government’s banned alcoholic beverages. And, the dry day is especially followed all over India today, because it’s the birthday of the father of the nation: “Mahaathmaa” Gandhi.
    – bgrinner.


    • Posted by meeraghu on October 2, 2012 at 12:19 am

      I was born in Mysore, Karnataka and brought up in Karnataka as well. No one in my family drinks, so we never ever discussed anything about alcohol. My thoughts never went towards things I didn’t find any interest in. So, it has been a Dry Day for me and my family all these years.


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