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Making of a 100 year old doll

Ms. Padma sreeranga has sent me amazing youtube links to the making of a 100 year old doll. Ms. Padma writes to me as follows:

Dear Meera,

 I want to share with you an important e-mail sent by my co-sister, Mrs Vanaja Malathy,former principal of Jyothi Nivas college of  women at Koramangala.She is full of enterprising nature and takes part in every social activities. She is even now an active member of many institutions,and working for betterment of her college.I request you to share with others also
   your’s affectionately, padma sreeranga
Attached below are the youtube links for the same. Thanks. Ms. Padma for sharing this amazing videos.
And Part 2 link below on youtube.

Dasara Celebration – Iskcon Temple in DC

Yesterday evening we visited the Iskcon Temple in DC. We visit the temple every year for the Dasara celebrations. This year it was celebrated on October 27th 2012.

There were hundreds of people, lots of activities for kids like Face Painting, Mahendi, Ramayana Play. Lots of food.

Attached below are some pictures I took during yesterday’s visit.

Quick and Easy Carrot Halwa

The most and easiest sweet dish to prepare is carrot halwa. Everyone in my family loves Carrot Halwa. However, I usually avoid preparing this because of the grating. It takes lot of time and effort to grate the carrots finely. By the time you have grated a pound of carrot, your arm starts to hurt. 🙂

Last year, I prepared this several times when we had a couple of get together. Making this is so easy and requires very few ingredients. Now that the next festival Diwali or Deepavali is fast approaching, you can prepare this for the festival.


1.  1 pound carrot – washed and finely grated

2. 3 cups of sugar, depends on how sweet you like

4. Dried fruits – Cashews, Raisins, Almonds

5. 3 tsp Ghee or Refined Oil

6. Crushed cardamom


1. Grate carrots finely

2. In a thick bottomed pan,add a spoonful of ghee or oil and fry all the nuts. Transfer them onto a plate

3. In the same thick bottomed pan, add the remaining ghee or oil and carrots. Fry these carrots on slow fire until they are tender and soft

4. Once the carrots are done, add sugar and keep stirring until all the sugar melts. This may take 9-10 minutes.

5. When you see that the carrot sugar mixture is becoming thick, turn off the stove.

6. Now add the fried nuts and crushed cardamom and mix.

Your Carrot Halwa is ready to be eaten.

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