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Major Blog Changes Coming….

With almost 600 posts, several hundred lyrics on various Gods and Goddesses, several food posts, rangoli posts, it has become a nightmare for me to even manage this blog. So, today I decided to organize the pages and posts. So, in the next few weeks you might see several changes in the blog.

The first change I did today was to create two new sub pages for Lyrics. One is called “Goddess Lakshmi” and the other “Sree Raghavendra Swamy”. These two pages and several others which will be added will contain details about the same. For examples, the page “Goddess Lakshmi” has links for all the lyrics and other details on Lakshmi Devi. You can see these pages on the top right hand side of the site.

A sample picture is shown below.


When you click on “Goddess Lakshmi” link, it will open up another page which has links for all lyrics for Goddess Lakshmi. A sample screen shot is shown below:


I am going to organize all the content so it is more easily searchable and manageable even to me. 🙂

Hope this will help all the visitors as well, and the many many contributors to know what lyrics and other content is posted and needs to be posted.

Try the links on the new pages and let me know what you think. All your suggestions and comments are really appreciated.

Lyrics for Sharanara Surabhoja

Rayaru 1

Original picture of Sree Raghavendra Swamy

My Bangalore Ajji, Dad’s mom taught us this song on our beloved Rayaru when we were kids. I have been singing this ever since. No raga, no tala, my Sister and I used to sing it in one breath. I am not sure where Ajji is now, but pray to our beloved Rayaru, that her soul rest in peace. Ajji passed away in 1996. She used to walk from Jayanagar 4th block where she resided all her life, to 5th block Rayara Mutta everyday. Ajji used to wear Kache Saree, and was very tall.  How I wish my Ajji was here to read this blog, she would have definitely enjoyed seeing this. Thanks, Ajji.

Sharanara Surabhoja GuruRaja ||

Vara Mantralaya Pura Mandira Tava
Sundara Munindra Bhaskara Samateja||1||

Kamitharthagala Kamadhenuvina
Nema Miri Koduva Maharaja ||2||

Bhesha Koti Sankarshanada
Kamalesha Vittalana Dasane Sahaja ||3||

As always, here are the lyrics in Kannada.

Sharanara Surabhoja

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