Whole Wheat Bread Sandwich


I am not a big fan of bread. I rarely bring bread. However, my Daughter loves bread, and that too whole wheat. I just don’t like the texture of whole wheat bread. I rather eat chapathi, than bread.

When she was home for Christmas, she and her Father made this whole wheat sandwich which tasted  really good. It requires simple ingredients we all have at home.


  • Whole wheat bread
  • Lettuce, Capsicum, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion ( Optional)
  • Hot Sauce, Tomato ketchup, Black Pepepr Powder, Crushed Pepper, Salt to taste.


  • Toast the bread in the toaster oven or on the tava. Using butter is optional. We never have butter in my house.
  • Slice all the vegetables as per your wish.
  • Take a non-stick pan, add a few drops of oilve oil and fry the capsicum and onions. Make sure they are still crunchy.
  • Now, layer the Lettuce, fried onions, capsicum, tomatoes, cucumber on a slice of toasted bread.
  • Add hot sauce, ketchup, crushed red pepper, black pepper powder, salt.
  • Cover the other slice, and cut diagonally.
  • Enjoy with a hot bowl of soup.



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