Like I mentioned earlier, we had been to the Concert yesterday. Below are some of the songs I could note down which Dr. M Balamurali Krishna sang. He is 82 years old, but his voice was unbelievable. We enjoyed every moment of this concert.

The first invocation song was on Lord Krisna, Ganapthi and Hanuman. It was called Sri Sakala Ganadhipa Palayamam, Aarabhi Raga.

The second song was again his own composition on Lord Hanuman. It was called Hanuma Anuma Oh Mana Ma. This song has just stuck in my mind, and I have been reciting this every since I returned from the concert.

The next two were pure Carnatic songs.

The 5th one was Pibare Rama Rasam. The song can be found here on youtube:

The next song he sung was composed just for the concert the day before. It was again on Lord Hanuman.

It was called ramanamave niku raksha, hanuma ni namave maku raksha. It was just awesome.

I tried noting down the songs, raaga but not knowing Telugu I had a hard time understanding them.

It was just an awesome evening we spent. One of the most memorable nights of my life thus far.

For those of you residing in the DC Area, just wanted to let you all know that next Saturday, there is a concert organized by Padma Vibhushan Dr. M Balamurali Krishna is going to sing along with others.

It is by on Saturday April 6, 2013 at Greenbelt. This location is near Shiva Vishnu Temple. We just purchased to tickets for the event. The location is:

EleanorRoosevelt High School,

7601 Hanover Pkwy, Greenbelt, MD-20770

For more details check