Tapta Mudra Dharana On Prathama Ekadashi

My Mom, Dad and Grandmother (Mysore Ajji) all had Mudra Dharana in Mysore. Mom is taking care of Ajji for a week. I just visited the Mantralaya website after work, and found amazing pictures of people getting Tapta Mudra Dharana on account of Prathama Ekadashi.

Below is the link for the same.

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  1. Hi Meera,

    Thanks for your Tapta Mudra Dharana photos.I am very sorry to tell you that my Mantharalayam Trip has been cancelled due to wait list has not improved till to-day.
    My return tiket had got confirmation,whereas my onward journey ticket has not confirmed,it has been standing in same seniority as we booked the ticket. So we had to cancell the ticket.Tomorrow is my birth star “Thiruvonam”,so I am going to nearby Ragavendra Temple for getting blessing from my Guru.To-day is Guru Poorinima Day”
    I have been watching lot of programme through Shankara TV to-day. I hope that you will also be watching all through any media.
    Our Guru will come to our place whenever we call him (Om Sri Ragavendraya Namag
    Guruva Saranam.

    Shanthi S.


  2. Posted by Rashmi Ram on July 20, 2013 at 11:03 am

    Hi meera Looks like you were busy. Did not see many posts for some time now. Thx Rashmi


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