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How to make Ghee

The only time I buy butter at my place is during Krishna Janmasthami for Lord Krishna. This is the only time I prepare ghee. I had several requests from many who visit the blog asking how to make ghee here in the US. It is quite easy.

1. Buy unsalted butter from your wholesale dealer like Costco.

2. Let the butter sit out of the refrigerator for 3-4 hours until it is soft.

3. Put the butter bars in a thick solid steel container.


4. Turn on the gas stove, and let the butter melt slowly on low heat.

5. Once all the butter is melted, you will see froth forming as shown below.


6. The butter makes sizzling noise as it keeps boiling.

7. Let it boil in low heat until the color changes to brown and the sizzling noise goes away.

8. Leave it to cool and strain the ghee when it is a little bit cool. I didn’t have enough time to strain as I was preparing for all other items, so took a picture as is.


9. The ghee can be used for cooking, lighting lamp, and can be stored for many many months.

10. The taste of home made ghee is just unbelievable.

11. However, eat at your own risk of increasing your cholesterol. 🙂 That’s why I bring Butter/Ghee just once a year.

Sree Krishnajanmasthami Pictures 2013

The festival was celebrated with great devotion. I couldn’t prepare as many items as I wanted to prepare since it was a week day. So, I prepared just a few items with help from my Husband. Sneha our daughter joined us through FaceTime, and we gave Arghya to Lord Krishna as she was watching us. She listened to many of the songs and was there for almost 2 hours of the Pooje. I guess, we need to thank technology for making this possible. My laptop was handy, and so was my blog which had all the lyrics, songs in one place. Rather than going through all the books, it was just one page on the blog which could be referred. By the time we finished all pooje, it was almost midnight.

Attached below are some pictures I took as we performed the pooje starting from pooje preparation to the end.




IMG_1857  IMG_1872






The satisfaction you get after finishing the pooje, and saying “Sree Krishnarpana Masthu” is unbelievable.

Sri Krishna Jayanti Events at Mantralayam, see pictures at the link attached below:

ಜಯ ಮಂಗಳಂ ನಿತ್ಯ ಶುಭ ಮಂಗಳಂ – JayaMangalam Nitya ShubhaMangalam Lyrics on Lord Krishna



ಜಯ ಮಂಗಳಂ ನಿತ್ಯ ಶುಭ ಮಂಗಳಂ – JayaMangalam Nitya ShubhaMangalam Lyrics on Lord Krishna composed by Sree Vadiraja Thirtharu.


ಜಯ ಮಂಗಳಂ ನಿತ್ಯ ಶುಭ ಮಂಗಳಂ ||ಪ||

ವಸುದೇವ ತನಯನಿಗೆ ವೈಕುಂಠ ನಿಲಯನಿಗೆ |

ಕುಸುಮನಾಭನಿಗೆ ಕೋಮಲರೂಪಗೆ |

ಯಶೋದೆ ನಂದನಗೆ ವಸುಧೆಯ ರಮಣನಿಗೆ |

ನಸುನಗೆಯೊಳೊಪ್ಪುವ ನರಸಿಂಹಗೆ ||೧||

ಕನಕಕಿರೀಟನಿಗೆ ಕಸ್ತೂರಿ ತಿಲಕನಿಗೆ |

ಕನಕಕುಂಡಲನಿಗೆ ಕೌಸ್ತುಭಹಾರಗೆ |

ಕನಕಾಂಬರನಿಗೆ ಕಾರುಣ್ಯರೂಪನಿಗೆ |

ಸನಕಾದಿವಂದ್ಯನಿಗೆ ನರಸಿಂಹಗೆ ||೨||

ಪಂಕಜ ನಾಭನಿಗೆ ಪಾಂಚಾಲಿ ರಕ್ಷಕಗೆ |

ಲಂಕೆಯನು ವಿಭೀಷಣ ನಿಗಿತ್ತವಗೆ |

ಕುಂಕುಮಾಂಕಿತನಿಗೆ ಕುವಲಯ ನೇತ್ರನಿಗೆ |

ಬಿಂಕದಿಂದಲಿ ಮೆರೆವ ನರಸಿಂಹಗೆ ||೩||

ಪಕ್ಷಿವಾಹನನಿಗೆ ಪರಮಪಾವನನಿಗೆ |

ಕುಕ್ಷಿಯೊಳು ಜಗವನಿಂಬಿಟ್ಟವನಿಗೆ |

ಲಕ್ಷುಮೀ ಕಾಂತನಿಗೆ ಲಕ್ಷಣವಂತನಿಗೆ |

ಲಕ್ಷಣ ದೊಳೊಪ್ಪುವ ನರಸಿಂಹಗೆ ||೪||

ಭಕ್ತವತ್ಸಲನಿಗೆ ಭವದು:ಖದೂರನಿಗೆ |

ಮುಕ್ತಿದಾಯಕಗೆ ಚಿನ್ಮಯ ರೂಪಗೆ |

ಮಿತ್ರೆ ರುಕ್ಮಿಣಿಗೆ ಸತ್ಯಭಾಮೆ ಯರಸನಿಗೆ |

ನಿತ್ಯ ಕಲ್ಯಾಣ ಶ್ರೀಹಯವದನಗೆ ||೫||


And below in Baraha English. If you need this in any other language, download Baraha, copy the lyrics below and convert to any language you wish. As simple as that.

jaya maMgaLaM nitya SuBa maMgaLaM ||pa||

vasudEva tanayanige vaikuMTha nilayanige |
kusumanABanige kOmalarUpage |
yaSOde naMdanage vasudheya ramaNanige |
nasunageyoLoppuva narasiMhage ||1||

kanakakirITanige kastUri tilakanige |
kanakakuMDalanige kaustuBahArage |
kanakAMbaranige kAruNyarUpanige |
sanakAdivaMdyanige narasiMhage ||2||

paMkaja nABanige pAMcAli rakShakage |
laMkeyanu viBIShaNa nigittavage |
kuMkumAMkitanige kuvalaya nEtranige |
biMkadiMdali mereva narasiMhage ||3||

pakShivAhananige paramapAvananige |
kukShiyoLu jagavaniMbiTTavanige |
lakShumI kAMtanige lakShaNavaMtanige |
lakShaNa doLoppuva narasiMhage ||4||

Baktavatsalanige Bavadu:KadUranige |
muktidAyakage cinmaya rUpage |
mitre rukmiNige satyaBAme yarasanige |
nitya kalyANa SrIhayavadanage ||5||

Shri Krishna Janmashtami/Krishna Jayanthi – August 28th 2013

ಕೃಷ್ನಯ ವಾಸುದೇವಾಯ
ದೇವಕಿ ನಂದ  ನಾಯಚ
ನಂದಗೋಪ  ಕುಮಾರಾಯ
ಶ್ರೀ  ಗೋವಿಂದಯ ನಮೋ  ನಮಃ

ಕೃಷ್ಣಯ ವಾಸುದೇವಾಯ  ಹರಯೇ  ಪರಮಾತ್ಮನೇ
ಪ್ರಣತ ಕ್ಲೇಶ  ನಾಶಾಯ  ಗೋವಿಂದಾಯ  ನಮೋ ನಮಃ



Last year Pictures:




Pictures from 2009:




Updates: Pooje at my residence on August 23rd 2008.

Preparation 1

Preparation 1

Closeup of Lord's idols

Closeup of Lord

Another look before pooje

Another look before pooje

After the Pooje

After the Pooje

After the Naivedya

After the Naivedya

Shri Krishnastami is celebrated on Wednesday August 28th 2013. Sri Krishnastami or Krishna Jayanthi marks the celebration of the birth of Lord Sri Krishna;the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Sri Krishna was born on the ‘Rohini’ nakshatra on Ashtami; that’s why it is called Krishnastami. In karnataka it is also known as Gokulashtami and Janmashtami. The festival occurs between August and September in our English calendar.

According to our Hindu mythology, Krishna was born to destroy Mathura’s demon King Kamsa, brother of his virtuous mother, Devaki. A celestial voice told Kamsa that he would be killed by the eighth child of Devaki. Alarmed by the message, Kamsa imprisoned Devaki and her husband Vasudeva. Taking no chances, Kamsa went on killing Devaki’s children soon after birth. Lord Krishna was born as the eighth child of Vasudeva at midnight. But at Krishna’s birth, under divine instructions, Vasudeva left the prison unnoticed with the baby. He crossed the mighty river Yamuna which was in spate due to heavy rains. Without any difficulty, he walked across the river protected from rain by the mighty serpent Shesha, and reached Gokul. In Gokul, on the same midnight, a girl named Yogamaya had been born to Yasoda, wife of Nanda a herdsman. The babies were exchanged, and Vasudeva came back to prison with the girl. When Kamsa was told that his sister had given birth to a child, Kamsa attempted kill the child. But the baby who was Goddess Maya, flew off to the heaven, warning Kamsa that Krishna, who would kill him, had already been born and was alive. Eventually, Krishna killed Kamsa, and released his parents from the prison, and brought peace and happiness to the common people.

In our Madhwa tradition, we are supposed to fast on this day, and late during the night; usually midnight we are supposed to give Arghya to Lord krishna. Here is the stotra to be said while giving Arghya to Lord Krishna. While giving the Arghya, hold a coin, a lemon and dried date in your right hand, and using a silver spoon offer 3 times milk and 3 times water to Lord krishna in a silver bowl, and keep repeating the below Stotra as well. Everyone in the household has to give Arghya to the Lord.

Argya Stotra

Arghya Stotra

Arghya Stotra from the Utharadi Matta Panchanga

Arghya Stotra from the Utharadi Matta Panchanga

Krishna Arghya

Jathaha Kamsavadarthaya Bhoobharotharanayacha|
Kouravanam Vinashaya Dhaityanam Nidhanaya Cha ||
Pandavanam Hitharthaya Dharamasamsthapanaya Cha|
GruhanaArghyam Maya Dhatham Devakya Sahitho Hare ||

Chandra Arghya

Kshirodharnava Sambhootha AthiGotraSamudhbhava |
GruhanaArghyam Maya Dhatham Rhohinya Sahitho Shashin ||

Another set from Prasanna.

Krishna Arghya mantra
jatah kamsavadharthay bhubharo harNayacha

kouravaNam vinashaya diatyanam nidhanaya cha
panDavanam hitarthaya dharma sansthapanay cha

grahaNaarghyam mya dattam devikya sahito hare||

chandra arghya
kshirodarNav sambhootham atrigotra samudbhavam
grahaNrghyam mya dattam rohiNya sahitah shashinah||

The food items performed are mostly sweet dishes, fried items and items with Avalakki. All these dishes are performed with extreme madi. If you are not able to do so, here are some useful tips:

1. The most important thing in any festival is the breaking of the coconut and offering it to god, so bring a coconut.

2. Keep also 5 fruits for offering to god, like Banana, Mango, Apple, Orange, Grapes, Plum, Pear and so on..

3. You can make the following dishes which have been mentioned here in the blog which need no cooking at all, add the seasonings after you do the Naivedaya to god.

4. If you don’t mind cooking on the gas stove, here are other recipes you can make as well

5. Bring lots of flowers which are again easily available; roses

6. Offer butter also to the Lord which again is available in all grocery stores.

7. Below are several links which has all the songs in praise of Lord Krishna posted in this blog.

8. Here are some links from as pdf files

9. We also place a silver cradle and keep the Ambegalu Krishna idol in the cradle and rock the cradle while singing the following song:

10. Recite Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya as many times as possible.

11. Little feet of Lord Krishna are drawn as well along with other rangolis.

11. Last but not the least, do as many namaskaras as you can and break the fast.

Once you finish the pooje, surrender yourself to the Almighty Lord by saying the following Stotra.

ಕಾಯೇನ  ವಾಚ ಮನಸೇನದ್ರಿಯಿರ್ವ
ಬುದ್ಧ್ಯತ್ಮನ  ವ  ಪ್ರಕೃತೆ  ಸ್ವಭಾವತ್
ಕರೋಮಿ  ಯದ್ಯಥ್   ಸಕಲಂ  ಪರಸ್ಮೈ
ಶ್ರೀಮಾನ್ ನಾರಾಯಣಯೇತಿ ಸಮರ್ಪಯಾಮಿ


May Lord Krishna Bless ALL

ಶ್ರೀ ಕೃಷ್ಣರ್ಪನಮಸ್ತು

Sri Raghavendra Swamy Aradhana @ Sri Siva Vishnu Temple

Pratham aradhane (flower alankara) to our beloved Gurugalu at N.R.Colony Sri Gururajaru Mutt., Bangalore sent my Mr.Nagesh.H. Thanks so much Mr.Nagesh for sharing this.

prathama aradhane

The Sri Siva Vishnu Temple is celebrating Sri Raghavendra Swamy Aradhana on Sunday August 25th at 10.00 AM.  A new Madhva priest Sri Rakesh Acharya will be conducting the pooja and the Aradhana of our beloved Rayaru.

The pooje details are as follows:

10:00 am
Purvanga Puja, Sri Raama Abhishekam, SriMukhyaPrana abhishekam,
Sri Raghavendra Swamy Stotras, Bhajans, Archana, Deeparadhana
12:30 pm
Prasadam Distribution
Sponsorship: $25
If you are in the area, please visit SSVT on Sunday. My Husband and I will be visiting, so will my Sister and family.

Madhyaradhana – 2013 Links

Links for amazing pictures to the eyes for Madhyaradhana – 2013 at Mantralaya.

P.S: Can you even guess from where I am adding these links? I don’t think so. I am traveling back home by Acela (Fast Train) from New Jersey after work. We have internet on the train, and I myself have WIFI from work. How the web has changed our lives? I can see our beloved Rayaru and his Aradhane celebration in any part of the world.

There was nothing in this world which could stop me from praying to our Rayaru. The only tough part was food. The past two days I have just eaten fruits, vegetables and juices. Maybe that is what Rayaru wanted from me, who knows?

Aradhana 2013 – Mantralaya Links

Just looking at the pictures of Aradhana at Mantralaya brings tears of joy. How blessed are people who are able to see our beloved Rayaru in Mantralaya. I can’t wait for my trip to India to see our beloved Rayaru. Click on the links below and enjoy the blessings of our Rayaru.

May our beloved Rayaru bless one and all.

Upakarma(Rigveda and Yajurveda) – August 19th & 20th 2013

Upakarma is one of the ancient Vedic rituals practiced to date by every Brahmin. It is done once a year, during Shravana Masa- which is usually in August or September. The main activity performed in an Upakarma is the changing of the Janivara or Holy Thread. This year the dates are as follows:

August 19th 2013 – Rigveda Upakarma, August 20th 2013 Yajurveda Upakarma and Raksha Bandhan. Check your local panchanga to find out the exact date.

Did you know that Upakarma means “Beginning” in Sanskrit.

Now that we have all the details for the Upakarma, how about Raksha Bhandan? Raksha” means protection, “bandhan” means bound or binding. During this festival brothers and sisters show that they care for each other; include your cousins also. A sister will tie the rakhi, which is made of thread around her brother’s right wrist, usually with flowers attached to it. In return, her brother will give sweets, or money to show that they will love and protect them.

As with any other festival, there are many legends for this festival as well.

1. In ancient times a woman tied a ‘rakshaa’ on her husband’s wrist to protect him from evil. Later, she tied a ‘rakshaa’ on her brother’s right wrist, to protect him from evil influence and those factors which may taint his character, and to strengthen the bond of sibling love between them.

2. Vishnu helped the wife of Indra, to aid her husband in his battle against the demon Bali. Bali had driven Indra out of heaven. Vishnu gave Indra’s wife a silk thread to put on Indra’s wrist as a lucky charm. It enabled him to defeat Bali and regain his kingdom.

3. During the battle of Mahabharat,Queen Kunti tied a raksha on her grandson Abhimanyu to protect him in battle.

P.S: Those of you residing in the Washington DC area, Sri Siva Vishnu Temple is celebrating the ceremony in the morning. You can get all the details from the SSVT site and check the August newsletter for the timings to perform the same.

Mantralaya Getting Ready for Aaradhane

My most favorite place in the world, Mantralaya is getting ready for our beloved Rayaru’s Aaradhane.

Check the link below:

Banana Pineapple Milkshake


Doing upavasa when you are on medication takes a toll on your health. I was taking Antibiotics for my tooth pain, and had so much stomach upset. So, yesterday it was tough for me to fast for Nagara Chauthi. Listened to a great deal of lecture from everyone. And since I was so tired with all the traveling, and work had no energy to make even Avalakki, or even Sabhudhana Khichadi which I had soaked for.

Since I had so many bananas offered on Friday, and yesterday for Nagara Chauthi, I decided to make this milk shake which could help me. It is quick, easy and tastes just awesome.

The milk shake itself requires very few ingredients.

  • 3 Bananas
  • 1/4 pineapple chopped
  • 3 tsp honey
  • 2 cups low fat Milk

Blend all the ingredients in a blender, and server immediately. It helped me a great deal. I felt full for at least a few hours.

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