Anatha Padmanabha Vrata-2013 Pictures

Several amazing pictures of Anatha Padmanabha Vrata-2013 celebrated in Mantralaya and other places. It was amazing to see these pictures. And as always, wanted to share with all of you.

I am really amazed how regularly (almost everyday) the webmasters at  update the web site.


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  1. I am just wondering if the title should be ANANTHA PADMANABHA VRATA & not Anatha Padmanabha Vrata as the two words have meanings that are very very different.


    • Posted by meeraghu on September 20, 2013 at 7:21 am

      You are so very smart to see the mistake, right? I copied the link as is from Mantralaya website and didn’t want to change a thing. It must have been a typing mistake from the webmaster. How does it matter?


      • Dear Meera,thank you for your prompt reply.

        This comment was not from the spirit of criticism but something deeper.

        In our Samskriti from where the DEVAVAANI SAMSKRITAM language (MOTHER OF ALL BHARATEEYA & EUROPEAN LANGUAGES )has emanated ,every intonation,every maatra & every SHABDAM & MANTRAM has a great significance.
        And we also are taught a KSHAMA MANTRAM after each shlokam to be recited in case there has been an error by omission/commission.
        On the one hand,we all know that THE ALMIGHTY knows us ‘in & out’ & there is nothing to be afraid of.However,on the other hand this ‘kshamayaachana stotram’ from another point of view depicts the ‘perfection’ our sages & seers were continually seeking & had achieved.

        Here ANATHA means one who has no one = orphaned.
        ANANTHA means the ONE who has NO BEGINNING & NO END!
        So there is a world of difference between the 2 words.
        Of course one could always adapt it suit oneself & say that here PADMANABHASWAMY is the ONE WHO TAKES CARE OF THE ANATHA( those who have no one )!!!

        One other matter that has always stirred my mind & emotions is related to music.

        When listening to our music & great ‘krithis’ of Sri PURANDHARADAS,,SRI THYAGARAJA SVAMI,SVATI THIRUNAL,SHYAMASHASHTRI & so many other greats in Kannada,Telungu,Tamizh & Malayalam,Marathi & other languages our singers who sing so beautifully make ‘terrible changes’ in the pronunciation of words etc. that completely metamorphoses the meaning.This is not done deliberately which to me is a great pity!

        If only our ‘gurus & pandits’ could pay some more attention while teaching their ‘shishyas’ to the details of diction,accent,meaning & pronunciation would it not improve ‘our whole being’?
        We have to revive this ‘spirit & quest for perfection’ – the gift from our sages & Rishis!

        This is my honest & sincere feeling & wish our children & younger generation would
        pay some more attention to detail & perfection.
        With my very best wishes to you.

        Thanks for your lovely blog.

      • Posted by meeraghu on September 20, 2013 at 8:35 am

        No worries. I am not as learned in Shastras and Puranas. Like I said, I didn’t even realize the title until you pointed. Every time I read the title here and on mantralaya website, my mind and my eyes always saw Anantha. So, maybe it is what one visualizes also.

        On a second thought, is God not Anatha? We have him to help us, who does he have?

      • Dear Meera,once again thank you for your reply.
        We are all ‘travelers’ on the same journey of Life.
        No one is more learned or less.We are all evolving at our own pace.
        You are me & I am you!!!
        We are all the same & on this journey called Life we learn from each other!

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