It was exactly 4 years since I had visited Mantralaya. The last time I visited was the night when Mantralaya flooded, and we were lucky to be alive. This time we visited Mantralaya for 2 days on October 14th and 15th 2013. It was amazing to see the difference. It was also very sad to leave our beloved Gurugalu and come back. Tears kept rolling down my eyes as I was ready to leave. I felt the exact pain I feel when my Daughter leaves for North Carolina.

If you want to read how miraculously my Parents and I escaped the flooding, read the post here:

1. 2009 Visit to Mantralaya

The last few weeks had been really hectic with work, and travel. Last week I visited Guatemala for work. I came back yesterday night. I will post pictures of that city as well.

Anyway, back to Mantralaya trip, we got many sevas done to Rayaru, were able to see the Rathotsava, have lunch and dinner. We also visited the Manchale Grama where Rayaru constructed and did pooje for Lord Venkateshwara. We visited one of the priests home where they have the Paduke of our beloved Rayaru. An amazing experience to see all these.  Take a look, and may our beloved Rayaru bless one and all.

1. Thungabhadra River near Raichur


2. Entrance to the TempleIMG_2310

3. Manchalamma TempleIMG_2312

4. Our Rayara Stotra in KannadaIMG_2313

5. VIP EntranceIMG_2314

6. Food served on Plantain Leaf


7. Swamigalu Performing AarathiIMG_2354

8. Same as aboveIMG_2375

9. Swamigalu showing us Moola Rama Devaru IMG_239510. Manchalamma Temple in the night with Lights


12. The Lord Venkateshwara Temple IMG_2415

13.  Entrance to Lord Venkateshwara TempleIMG_2421

14. The Paduke of our Beloved RayaruIMG_2426

15. A closeup of the Paduke of our beloved RayaruIMG_2428

16. The newly created Golden ChariotIMG_2438
The Golden and Silver Chariots