During my visit to Bangalore in October, I had the opportunity to visit Sri Kamadhenu Kshetra as well. My co-sister Mrs. Vasanthi and her sister Mrs. Vidya are regular visitors to the temple. Mrs.Vidya is related to Sri. Gurushesha, the founder of the temple.

It was on October 22nd that we visited the temple. The temple is still under construction. The founder spent quite a lot of time with all of us, and told us many many miracles which had happened in the temple and for many devotees. It is amazing to see how our beloved Rayaru is blessing one and all. Like his name, Rayaru has no bar for caste, color or creed. He needs just our sincere devotion.

So, attached below are the pictures of my visit to Sri Kamadhenu Kshetra.

Entrance to the temple.


The empty land which surrounds the temple.


A close-up of the entrance.


The side entrance to the seva room:


Seva Counter:


A few pictures of the brindavana made of the books:




The famous sloka for our beloved Rayaru on entrance to the Garbha Gudi.


A picture posted in the seva counter of Mangalaruthi being done during Sree Purandara Utsava.


The entrance to room which has Goddess Sreevalli and Kalpavalli.


Goddess SreeValli and Kalpavalli.


The Tulasi Garden at Sri Kamadhenu Kshetra


Lot of new construction going on for performing big functions.


Ghee Deepa for which you can pay and light the lamp to fulfill your wish.

IMG_2713Below are the rates for performing Ghee deepa:

  Thuppada Deepa (2) : Rs 10/-
    Thuppada Deepa (5) : Rs 25/-
    Thuppada Deepa (9) : Rs 45/-
    Thuppada Deepa (16) : Rs 80/-
    Thuppada Deepa (21) : Rs 108/-
    Thuppada Deepa (54) : Rs 252/-
    Thuppada Deepa (108) : Rs 504/-

A huge hall where you can see the picture of Mantralaya Swamigalu.


The Address at Bangalore if you wish to visit:

Kammasandra Main Road,
Vaddarahalli, Kadabagere Post,
Dasanapura Hobli,
Bangalore North Taluk,
Bangalore City Dist.

Visit the website here:

Sri Kamadhenu Kshetra

The founder of the temple gave me several books to write Sree Raghavendraya Namaha. I kept a few and donated most of them to my Parents, Brother, Sister and Aunt.