Lullaby to Lord Krishna – Neela Ghana Neela Jo Jo

I am not sure how I missed posting this amazing song. The lyrics was posted by Mr. Lakshman on Aug 17, 2012. Today when Ms.Bhavana posted a link for the video on youtube, I listened to the song and am so happy to share with you all.


You can find the lyrics in Kannada here:


Composer: Sri SreePaadarajaru

Contributor: Mr. Lakshman

niila ghana niila jO jO, kuruNaalavaala shrii kriShNa jO jO
liilaavataara jO jO, paramaatma baala gOpaala jO jO

indudhara mitra jO jO, paramaatma, induravi nEtra jO jO
indukula ratna jO jO, paramaatma, indiraa ramaNa jO jO

aascharya janakavaagi, nirmisida, paccheyaa toTTilalli
achyutaanantaniralu, tuugidaru, matsyaavataara hariya

dharma samsthaapanendu, niravadhika, nirmalaacharitanendu
varma karmagaLa tiLidu, tuugidaru, kuurmaavataara hariya

sarasijaakShiyaru ella, janavashya kara divya ruupanendu
parama harShadi paaDuta, tuugidaru varahaavataara hariya

karkumbhagaLu pOluva kuchadamEl haara padakavu hoLeyalu
vara varNiniyaru kuuDi tuugidaru, narasimha ruupa hariya

bhaamaa maNiyarella, jagadoLage sOmanivanendu hogaLi
nEma dindali paaDuta tuugidaru, vaamana ruupa hariya

saamaja varadanendu atuLa bhr^ugu raamaavataaranendu
prEmadindali paaDuta tuugidaru, bhaargava ruupa hariya

kaaminiya kaamanendu, surasaarvabhouma guNadhaamanendu
vaama nEtriyaru paaDi tuugidaru, raamaavataara hariya

sr^uShTiyaa kartanendu jagadoLage duShTa samhaaranendu
dr^uShTaanta rahitanendu tuugidaru, kriShNaavataara hariya

vr^uddha naariyaru yella jagadOL prasiddhanivanendu hogaLi
baddhaanuraagadinda tuugidaru, bouddhaavataara hariya

jhaNa jhaNatkaaradinda ranjisuva malayajaalEpadindu
kusuma gandhiyaru kuuDi tuugidaru, kalkyaavataara hariya

tunga bhava bhanga jO jO, shrii kriShNa, mangaLaaapaanga jO jO,
ranga shrii paanga jO jO, paramaatma ranga-viTThalane jO jO

And here is the link to listen to the audio and video posted by Ms. Bhavana.

A soulfull rendition:


5 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for Lullaby Song.


  2. Posted by Bhavana on January 17, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Thank you Meera. But, you have already posted this on 23rd Dec. 2013.


  3. Hi, Thanks for posting the lyrics for this amazing song. Can you pls upload the translation for this song. Pls consider doing it. I tried my best to google it out, but no luck. Thanks


  4. Posted by Aarthi on October 9, 2015 at 12:16 am

    Thanks for sharing the lyrics..such a wonderful song…. can u plz share the meaning of this song..its really divine to hear this song.if I can know d meaning it would even more divine..


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