48 Days Historic Yagna Mahotsava @ Kamadenu Kshethra


This time during my visit to Bangalore, I had the opportunity once again to visit the very famous Kamadenu Kshethra. My parents, husband, brother-in-law Ramesh and his wife Vasanthi (related to the founder of Kamadenu Kshethra) and their daughter Arpitha accompanied me. I was personally asked to visit Kamadenu Kshethra by the Founder Sree. Gurusesh Guru.

The founder Sree. Gurusesh Guru has sent me some details about the upcoming 48 Days Historic Yagna Mahotsava @ Kamadenu Kshethra being conducted from 5.6.2014 – 27.7.2014. Please visit Kamadenu Kshethra and get the blessings of our beloved Rayaru.

Attached below are the brochure for the program details in Kannada and English.

The Devotees can also contribute their donations for SEVAS through fund transfer to the below mentioned account


Branch Sunkadakatte

Branch Code 2309


IFS Code IOBA0002309

Account no 230901000001200


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  1. Posted by krismaly on April 18, 2014 at 8:56 am

    Hello What would be the cost involved in performing/celebrating this yagna? What it brings to human kind? In this world there is a lot of human suffering foodless, homeless, insufficient education (corrupted education), health problems. Don’t ever think how to resolve such issues without selfishness?   I am really worried and troubled especially looking in third world countries.   I know avaravaru maadida karma avaravrige but this is not the solution as we think like a super human being.   Sri Raghavendrayanamaha  


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