Shri Vijayeendra Teerthara Madhyaradhana – Kumbakonam

Attached is the link for Shri Vijayeendra Teerthara Madhyaradhana, as always amazing pictures from



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  1. I happy to see all the photos. Awesome Picures. Thanks to you.


  2. Namaskara Hare Srinivasa In Chennai, We are doing one Matrimonial Service exclusively for Madhwa Brahmin people speaking Kannada,Marathi,Tamil,Telugu and Thulu in the name of ” VIVAHA MARRIAGE INFORMATION CENTRE” since 2009 in obedience to the orders of our poojya Swamiji. We are very glad and proud to inform we had complited our 5th year service in this holy seva. During the past years several hundreds of parents have benefitted by registering their childrens in our centre and Number of Alliances settled by the Anugraha of Almighty and the Divine blessings of our beloved Gurugalu Mantralaya Mahan Sri Sri Raghavendra Swamy. .. For more information and to get Application to register in our Centre, Needy parents may simply send their e-mail ID by SMS to our Mob No 09444469340 or by e-mail to our ID . Kindly spread over this message regarding our Matrimonial service to all of your Friends and Relatives so that, those who are in need and seeking Alliance for their children may be benefited by your yeoman service. we hope to continue the sucess story with your help.Thank You. Hare Srinivasa.

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