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Mantralaya Visit – 2014

The visit to Mantralaya was amazing. I went with my Parents on November 19th Wednesday night, reached early morning on Thursday 20th. We attended all the pooja celebrations, stayed until 9.00 PM night, and returned back to Bangalore on Friday early morning.

The entire day we spent was magical. Even though the Mutta was crowded, since we had given for special pooje, we were allowed close to the Brindavana. It was humbling seeing our beloved Rayaru.

Below are some pictures from this years visit.

The walkway to the Thungabhadra River has been cleaned thoroughly. My Dad and I walked half way and I took a few pictures. The river is dry and so we didn’t venture going very close.












Visited a few Temples in Bengaluru

After a hectic week, on Sunday I was able to visit LIC Colony Sree Venkateshwara Temple and 5th Block Rayara Mutta. Some pictures for you all to enjoy.



5 the Block Rayara Mutt.IMG_1959


Another one.IMG_1958


With a no Alankara.IMG_1957

Tulasi Pooja Pictures – 2014

It has been a very hectic few months for me with all the travel and work. It was just this Monday and Tuesday i.e. today that I have worked from home. I will be traveling to Bangalore, India for work on Thursday. Work is for two weeks, take a few days off to spend time with Parents and relatives and back here to USA in time for Thanksgiving so I can be with my Daughter for a few days.

During this short visit for Work, I am also planning to visit Mantralaya and see our beloved Rayaru. I will definitely keep you all posted if I do visit and see our beloved Rayaru.

I am also going to visit Mysore to see my Grandmother (Ajji), Uncles and Aunts. Hopefully, I will have a few hours to record at least a few devotional songs from Ajji and my Aunts. They sing amazing devotional songs. 🙂

Might not update the blog regularly, so please bear with me until end of November.

Today being ತುಲಸೀ ಹಬ್ಬವಿವಾಹ ಉತ್ವಾನ ದ್ವಾದಶಿ – Uthwana Dwadashi/Tulasi Habba, we performed the pooje in the evening. It is getting very cold here in the US, and so we had to bring all the plants indoor, including the Tulasi plants. Rather than keeping the Tulasi plant in the Pooja Room, I decided to do the pooje in the Sun room it self. Attached below are pictures of the same.

For dinner, I made Kosambari, Shavige(Semia) Payasa, and Vegetable rice.


Close up of our little Tulasi Plant:

Lighting of Agarbathi:


Aaruthi for Tulasi.

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