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How to Draw Chakrabja Mandala – ಚಕ್ರಾಬ್ಜ ಮಂಡಲ


I had posted the Chakrabja Mandala – ಚಕ್ರಾಬ್ಜ ಮಂಡಲ in December 2012. Not sure how time flies, and I never had the chance to show how to draw this. Yesterday, Ms. Asha texted me on Whatsapp, and asked me how to draw the same. I sent her a link about the details, and finally decided I need to show digitally how to draw this great Mandala on this occasion of Madhwa Navami.

So, here is a step by step illustration on how to draw the same. I have shown how to draw 8 Lotus petals, but you can repeat the same for 12, 24, and 51 lotus petals.

May our Guru Madhwacharya bless us all.

First Valaya:

Draw a triangle


Draw a circle inside the triangle so it creats three houses within the triangle but outside the circle as shown below:


I will update the details to be written within each triangle and lotus as well soon.

Second Valaya:

Draw a circle on the triangle as drawn above, which now creates three areas as shown below:

CB-Step4Third Valaya:

Over the second Valaya as drawn above, draw two triangles, one straight  and another inverted. This will give rise to six small triangular spaces.


Draw a circle over the straight and inverted triangles.


Fourth Valaya

Draw eight petalled Lotus over the third Valaya drawn as shown below:


P.S: Please refer to the actual image posted, I couldn’t draw the petals in any software properly. Please pardon me here.

Draw a circle over the 8 Lotus petals as shown below:


Fifth Valaya :

The fifth Vlaya consists of Lotus with twelve (12) petals. Same as above, draw petals and enclose with a circle.

Sixth Valaya :

The sixth Vlaya consists of Lotus with twenty four (24) petals.

Same as above, draw petals and enclose with a circle.

Seventh Valaya :

Lastly the seventh Valaya consists of fifty one 51 petals. No circle here.


Please find attached details and more information about the same on


2. And the Mandala itself.

The following image courtesy:


Madhwa Navami Celebrations

Amazing pictures of Madhwa Navami Celebrations at Mantralaya and Bangalore 5th Block Rayara Mutta.

Please take a look.


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