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Annadata Sukhibhava – ಅನ್ನದಾತ ಸುಖಿಭವ


I have decided to post a few articles on social issues I am seeing all over the world, and mainly in my home country India. Having been to India quite frequently over the past 3-4 years, I am shocked to see the sea of change in the attitude of people.

Having such a huge online presence and followers, if I can make a change even in 1 person, I would be happy. If on the other hand I can create an awareness, that is also great.

From today, before you eat your food, say two simple words, ‘Annadata Sukhibhava – ಅನ್ನದಾತ  ಸುಖಿಭವ’. It means “let the one who provided me food be happy.

The food which comes to your table is because of several people involved. Let us for a second ignore everything else and count just the people who helped us buy the food and who helped cook the food.

So, the person who helped in buying the food maybe your Father, Mother, Son, Daughter or your in-laws. Without them we would have slept in hunger, so tell them “Annadata Sukhibhava – ಅನ್ನದಾತ  ಸುಖಿಭವ“.

Next, is the person who helped cook the food.  Recently, I have been hearing a lot of rifts due to cooking and food in general. Always the case of why me, why me? Not many want to cook? Even when I see some places where they do cook food regularly, it is with so much anger and frustration. We are cooking for our family, we are happy if our family is healthy and happy, right?

For just one day, stop complaining that the food prepared by your loved one, had no salt, not spicy enough, the sambar was a little watery, the chutney was tasteless. The next time you sit down to eat food, with an open mind and a broad smile ( yes, broad smile), say “Annadata Sukhibhava – ಅನ್ನದಾತ  ಸುಖಿಭವ”.

It is a very powerful word, and create a sea of change in your life, and in the life of your loved ones.

As a teenager when I prepared food for my parents, my father always said these two words for me. It made me so happy as a kid. Last month when we went for a long vacation, Sneha my daughter prepared food for us. As we were eating the Puliyogre and Curd Rice she had prepared, I said the same two words to her, and insisted my Husband to say to her “Annadata Sukhibhava – ಅನ್ನದಾತ  ಸುಖಿಭವ”. She had the same smile like I had when my Father said those words. A powerful word of gratitude for someone who cooked with so much love!

And let me know if you said those two words to your LOVED ONES!


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